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Spectra Group (UK) is a leading provider of voice and data services in areas where either none exist or where high intensity conflicts, natural disasters, pandemics or terrorist attacks may have destroyed existing networks.


We are experts in the design, delivery, implementation and ongoing support for a comprehensive range of Satellite and Radio communication services. These services are supplied to clients operating around the world in many different market sectors including Defence, Government, Aid, Security, Oil and Gas and commercial.

Satellite Services

Spectra is a world leader in providing “Added Value” services across satellite communication bearers globally.

We use the Inmarsat services for small, lightweight, very portable applications and VSAT services for higher bandwidth applications in relatively static locations.

An integral part of our “added value” satellite service offering is our 24 / 7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) which provides monitoring, helpdesk support and fault resolution to all satellite deployed assets.

Inmarsat Mobile Satellite Services

Inmarsat have been at the forefront of mobile satellite services for over 30 years and using its current fleet of 11 satellites provides voice and data communications globally whenever and wherever they need on Land, Sea and Air.

The service is extremely flexible and provides voice and data communications on portable, lightweight, easy to use terminals. You do not need to be an specialist communicator to be able to set-up and operate an Inmarsat terminal.


In 2010 Spectra was awarded “Gold Partner” Inmarsat status which gives us a closer relationship with Inmarsat which enables us to provide a higher level of support to our customers.

VSAT Satellite Ground Stations (SGSs)

Spectra operates a VSAT network utilising partnered Satellite Ground Stations (SGSs) at strategic locations that provide global coverage. These SGSs are located in the US, Europe and Asia and are linked to our core infrastructure ensuring an extremely high level of assurance and Quality of Service.


We are able to facilitate both SCPC and TDMA for dedicated and shared VSAT services depending on individual customers requirements.

Satellite Communication System - SHADE

SHADE is a Communication system that has been designed to enable Nodes (SHADE DCN & SHADE Lite) to rapidly deploy and deliver voice and data services across a Satellite, Leased Line, GPRS or ADSL bearer to SHADE Central, a UK Hub providing connectivity to the World Wide Web, ISDN, PSTN or dedicated private networks.



Spectra also provide Telecom Solutions, Training and Resource Services.

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