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Defence Microporous Insulation

ThermoDyne is a complete thermal solutions provider capable of producing microporous insulation, designing high performance thermal insulation systems, and fabricating every component needed for a thermal management solution. Our systems are the most efficient insulation solutions currently available in the market today for a variety of applications. ThermoDyne’s microporous insulation systems possess a thermal conductivity lower than that of still air, which minimizes all modes of heat transfer simultaneously, requiring a minimum of space and weight. With the combination of design, engineering, complete in-house production capability, and technical service support, ThermoDyne is a good example of why microporous insulation has, for more than 40 years, been the insulation of choice for applications where thermal performance, thickness, weight, durability, and functionality are key to a system’s success in the field.

When the thermal solution is a vital aspect of an application, whether the final insulation subassembly is a soft flexible part made from high temperature fabric encasing a microporous material, a semi flexible thin stainless foil metal blanket, a more rigid heavier gage stainless structure, or a customer supplied component that is to be insulated with a permanently affixed insulation system, ThermoDyne has the capability to produce it. We have structured our internal capabilities such that every aspect essential to a job is produced in house. This enables us to rapidly design and build all parts that might be required whether they are samples, prototypes, pre-production, or production volume levels. This is crucial at ThermoDyne given that everything we make is qualification-tested. By quickly accommodating any design changes in the schedule, ThermoDyne has proven to be a responsive and successful partner to our customers. The practice of being able to rapidly update and produce new revisions has allowed ThermoDyne to remain ahead of the testing curve so there is minimal or no production schedule delays to our customers. Our designs can include many types of materials besides our custom microporous materials, including; fabrics, coated fabrics, silicon, Teflon, plastics, stainless steels (321, 304, 316, 309, or others), inconel, aluminum, titanium, hastaloy, or any other materials that may be appropriate for the thermal management solution. Our designs may incorporate a wide variety of processes to achieve the final subassembly configuration. We perform nearly all processing in house and if a process is identified for an application that we don’t have, we will typically add it to our repertoire of capabilities. The main thing at ThermoDyne is designing and building a total thermal insulation solution that is appropriate for the application. Often, our customers may define a set of parameters such as an envelope drawing and allow us to design a solution for the application. The customer’s goal is typically to solve the thermal problem and move on to the next pressing problem. Our goal at ThermoDyne is to get the problem solved, design the solution and start producing production components for the system.

ThermoDyne currently serves many different markets, including Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Marine, Power Generation, Industrial, Commercial and appliance.

Examples of Thermo Dyne’s Microporous Insulation Systems:


*Engine nacelles
*Thrust reversers
*Fire Protection
*Flight Data Recorders
*Auxiliary Power Units
*Infra Red suppression


*Fire Protection
*Nuclear Powerplants and Shielding
*Auxiliary Power Units
*Infra Red suppression
*Exhaust ducts


*Engine exhaust systems
*Chemical/Biological “Sniffer” units
*Engine Heat Shielding
*Firewall and Fire Protection
*Auxiliary Power Units
*Infra Red suppression


*Thermal Batteries
*Avionics Housings
*Data Recording Equipment
*Firewall and Fire Protection (e.g. Ammo Boxes)
*General insulation for KEM and high velocity smart-rounds
*General insulation between boiler/engine and guiding electronics for KEM
(high velocity), torpedo, general “smart” munitions, and launching systems


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