The DataBunker product line is a breakthrough for transportable critical data storage. Its small compact size has incredible survival capabilities. It is actually small enough to fit in a standard briefcase and is TSA approved for carryon.


It is designed to withstand a crash event were there are high G forces followed by a horrible chain of events including a penetration attempt, 25,000 lb. crush resistance, a 1400 degrees Fahrenheit one-hour fire, a 500 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 hours, 48-hour submersion in diesel fuel, 10 min under fire fighting solution, and then a 48-hour submersion under 15 meters deep in salt water in sequence on the same unit. The DataBunker also survives a nuclear weapon EMP.

Military, Air Force & Navy “black box” Data storage solutions


Many applications are showing themselves for the DataBunker product line from black boxes for many different types of vehicles including trains, busses, trucks, cars, self-driving cars, emergency response vehicles, cash transport vehicles, military tanks and all other military vehicles to personal home use. A DataBunker on a vehicle allows you to extract the data of an event that occurred so accurate reconstruction can occur, this is especially of interest when loss of life has occurred with a vehicle accident, or to just have your personal critical information survive most any “event”.

Industry leader in these applications.

DataBunker uses ThermoDyne’s Advanced Microporous Insulation Materials and Systems for High-Performance Applications. These include products for the Air Force, Navy, US Government, Sandia Labs, Boeing, L3, GE, BAE, Exxon, Johns Manville, Northrop Grumman, Electric Boat, Bloom Energy, Honeywell, Los Alamos, Bechtel, and Raytheon. Some applications and industries for this material include M1 Abrams, B2, E2D, E6, E3 AWAX, Striker, Fuel Cells, Solar industry, Petrochem industry, Aerospace industry, Military, Aluminum industry, Steel industry, Automotive industry, Power industry, and others. (for full details click here.)

For personal data protection in today’s world where the “cloud “is hacked every day where do you put your critical personal information and data that is not going to be destroyed if an event happens. All your personal information and vital data should be protected and accounted for. Wills, financial information, and insurance policies can disappear if you don’t protect them. This is poignant and everyone must do this to protect themselves and their loved ones. Whether you are a fortune 500 company or a family or an individual you need to protect your valuables. Many of our valuables in this era are now data and information.

DataBunker - aerospace, military, automotive, marine, power generation, industrial, commercial and appliance data storage


The DataBunker is designed to protect that and organize your life at the same time. It comes already loaded with a complete file folder system that is expandable to accommodate any of your needs. Useful documents such as wills, power of attorney and many others are already on it and if you are a bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency holder why you would hold it on anything else. It shows up as a drive on your computer and is as easy as dragging and dropping files on to it. We also have our easy to use but very powerful encryption software BunkerCrypt.

Put your world on a DataBunker today. Organize your life on a DataBunker today. Do it for your yourself or your love one’s sake.

Go to and order your DataBunker today! Many colors available, 8, 16, or 32 gig.   



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