Cobham Announces Development of Customisable Dual-Polar C-Band Antenna Range

Cobham Antenna Systems, a market-leading supplier of antennas, has developed a range of dual-polar C-Band antennas covering the 4.40-5.00GHz frequency band.

Dual-Polar C-Band Antennas

All antennas in the range incorporate interleaved elements, which provide dual vertical & horizontal (V&H) polarisation, within a single compact, rugged and stable radome. The antennas can also be configured to operate in dual circular or dual slant ±45° polarisation, if required.

Dual-Polar C-Band Antennas

With one unit replacing two single polarised MIMO antennas, the dual-polar C-Band antenna creates vital space and efficiency savings, with the technology able to be
configured for installation in an aerodynamic blade for airborne applications as well.

A standard range of directional, sector, spring and non-spring mount omni-directional antennas is also available. The range makes use of technology that can readily be scaled to operate in different frequency bands and customised antennas can be developed to meet a wide range of gain and beamwidth requirements.

For more information, datasheets, or variants please contact Cobham Antenna Systems

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