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Bugeye Technologies is an ISO 9001 Certified manufacturer and a supplier of flight simulation equipment supporting both large and small simulation companies in the US and worldwide.

Simulation Components for Tactical and Mission Specific Training

Bugeye Technologies specializes in producing realistic, serviceable and affordable replicated products for the flight simulation industry.  Each product is designed as an accurate replication of the real hardware providing the proper functionality at the lowest total cost of ownership for your simulation program.

F-16 Simulation Components for Tactical and Mission Specific Training MRC-Multi-Purpose Reconfigurable Cockpit Components Simulated Avionics, Light Panels and Bezels

Our standard products include a complete line of high-quality replicated flight grips, targeting controllers, control sticks, cyclic collective and throttle mechanisms, avionics and light-panels for many popular fixed wing and rotor craft.

Correct Fidelity Controls for Your Specific Application:

Bugeye will always modify our standard products to meet the specific requirements of your program.  This makes it possible to get the correct level of fidelity in a fully serviceable package at the best price.  We call these Simulation Grade components.

Training device fidelity Requirements can vary based on many factors.  These factors are often driven by the “Mission” of the training device and the available budget.  In some cases the training does not require full fidelity and perhaps the budget just won’t allow it.

Bugeye Technologies has responded to these requirements with 3-levels of fidelity available for our FC series of flight control simulation products.  The FC0500 is a low-cost control product that is “gamer” like but considerably more rugged than typical game controls.  The FC1000 series controls are representative of the design basis aircraft with precision movements in a compact versatile package for desktop or cockpit applications.  The FC2000 series product replicates the aircraft movements, is ergonomically and dimensionally correct.  Providing this choice between the FC0500, FC1000 or the FC2000 series products from Bugeye Technologies insures alignment of value and training needs that cannot be easily acquired elsewhere.

A10 Flight Grips FC-1000 Series F-35 F18, AH-64 Flight Grips F-22 Throttle FC-2000 Series

Bugeye Technologies is an ISO 9001 Certified manufacturer and a supplier of flight simulation equipment both large and small companies in the US and worldwide.

Multipurpose Reconfigurable Cockpits (MRC)

Bugeye Technologies manufactures a low-cost multipurpose cockpit that is compatible with all of Bugeye’s FC1000 series Flight Control products.  The cockpit is designed for rapid reconfiguration by changing out flight controls to support multiple aircraft types.

The low overall height facilitates ingress and egress.  The side consoles are available in multiple lengths and equipped with full length DZUS rails at standard aircraft spacing to accept our FC1000 controls and other standard aircraft panels.

A low-cost Simulated Ejection Seat (SES1013) is available for this cockpit.  The seat fits perfectly in the MRC and comes complete with dual density seat pad, optional Ox rings and electrically adjustable height adjustment with 6 inches of travel (3 inches up and down from the neutral position).  The seat is rated for loads up to 600 lbs.

An optional 30-inch high-quality touch screen beneath the standard glare shield provides a large working area to present the most complex aircraft instrument panels. The rugged and reliable touch screen utilizes surface acoustic wave technology suitable for use with gloved hands with minimal parallax.

The MRC represents a great value in a mid-fidelity Simulation Grade cockpit

Multi-purpose Reconfigurable Cockpit - Tandem Dual FC-1000 Realistic Simulation Grade Flight Controls Out The Window Display Stand

This universal product ships with castors and leveling adjustments accessible from the top.  It can be rolled into existing dome environments or coupled with existing visual display systems.  The cockpit is also designed to work with Bugeye’s OTW1000-3W Out-The-Window visual display stand.  This unique stand will hold 3- commercial flat panel displays up to 55-inches in the correct orientation for use with the MRC.

Custom Light Panels and Cockpit Furnishings

Bugeye Technologies designs and manufactures a complete line of Simulation Grade light-panels designed to support our customer’s requirements for high-fidelity fixed wing and rotor craft cockpit products.  Since all of our products are “in-house” we can support requirements from the simplest to the very complex; in large quantities or one-off designs that replicate the form, fit and function required in today’s simulation environment.

Cockpit Furnishings - Bezels and Panels Complete Avoinics  Cockpit Furnishings FC-1000 Controls - Base Line Mechanisms

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