Portable Aluminium Roadways, Runways and Helipads
for the Defence Industry

FAUN Trackway Limited, based on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales, is the defence division of Europe’s number one municipal vehicle manufacturer, FAUN KIRCHHOFF GRUPPE.

FAUN Trackway designs and manufactures a range of high-quality portable access systems for use in military and civilian disaster and emergency relief operations at its internationally accredited production facilities in the UK.

Unbeaten in all trials, FAUN Trackway’s products are used in more than 40 different militaries worldwide. FAUN Trackway products were initially designed and developed for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). Now its products are widely used in a variety of humanitarian and disaster relief operations, where rapid access to cut-off areas is essential.

The utility and mining industries use FAUN Trackway products to explore areas where access would otherwise be impossible. FAUN Trackway employs a team of highly skilled engineers dedicated to exploring new product designs and working alongside future and existing customers to create bespoke solutions to their problems.

Portable Military Roadways

Heavy Ground Mobility System (HGMS)
and Medium Ground Mobility System (MGMS)

FAUN Trackway produces two complete portable roadways solutions: Heavy Ground Mobility System (HGMS) and Medium Ground Mobility System (MGMS)

The Trackway® on the HGMS has full capability of carrying loads of up MLC 150 dependent on ground conditions, and has approval for indefinite use with M150 loaded vehicles at ground condition of  3% California Bearing Ratio (CBR).

50m of M150 Trackway® can be deployed in under 10 minutes.

Portable Aluminium Roadway - Medium Ground Mobility System - FAUN TRACKWAY  Portable Aluminium Roadway - Heavy Ground Mobility System - FAUN TRACKWAY

HGMS allows vehicles to move with ease over difficult terrain conditions such as sand, snow, mud, swamp and ice helping to speed mobility and protect assets.

HGMS can also carry an additional 50m TRACKWAY®, towed behind the chassis on a trailer. This enables longer roadways to be laid quickly and connected easily.

FAUN Trackway’s Medium Ground Mobility System (MGMS) consists of the same key elements as HGMS. MGMS comprises 32-metre lengths and can be deployed in under 6 minutes by two people.

Like all FAUN Trackway products, MGMS is unbeaten in all trials and can withstand repeated loads of up to 30 tonnes. It is most appropriate for vehicles with pneumatic tyres and can also be used with JCB and specialist dispenser for beach landings.

Temporary Runways and Helipads

FAUN Trackway has three aluminium panelling designs suitable to create Forward Operating Pads for Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft – the Helicopter Landing Mat.

They are designed to alleviate brown out while marking out a clear landing area.

Aircraft Recovery Kit With F18  Temporary UAV Landing Mat

Aircraft Landing Mat (ALM)

FAUN Trackway’s Aircraft Landing Mat (ALM) is a rapidly deployable expedient runway for longer term temporary installations.

CH-53 on Helicopter Landing Mat  Helicopter Landing Mat

Rapid Runway Repair (RRR)

FAUN Trackway’s Rapid Runway Repair (RRR) mats enable critical sections of an airfield to be repaired in order for flying operations to be resumed following an enemy attack.

Bespoke Engineering Solutions

Trackway® continues to invest heavily into the research and development of new products.
FAUN Trackway’s team of engineers work close with key partners such as the UK’s Ministry of Defence – to which it is a prime contractor – as well as leading military institutions such as the U.S military’s Engineer Research and Development Centre (ERDC), in order to develop bespoke solutions to individual problems.

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