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B6-armoured vehicles quickly became the standard in a rapidly developing industry. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan presented a new threat with the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and called for new types of vehicles: the Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected vehicle and Armoured Personnel Carrier (MRAP and APC). Protection against IEDs also inspired the development of the V-hull, which deflects an IED blast up and sideways. However, MRAPs and APCs are not suitable for all types of mission. That is why it is not uncommon for CAVs these days to be built to military standards, such as VR9, VR10 and even STANAG 4569 level 2. The vehicles are designed to protect the occupants against blast, severe firepower and sometimes even CBRN(E) threats. In such cases, weight becomes a serious issue. After having been armoured, a soft skin can almost triple in weight. OEM-components such as the rims and brakes are no longer strong enough and should really be replaced by high-quality heavy-duty upgrades which are specifically designed for the vehicle’s new purpose.

This is why TSS International BV, an ISO-9001 certified Dutch family business just south of Rotterdam in The Netherlands, has made it its mission to make sure (Commercial) Armoured Vehicles can keep moving under the most difficult of circumstances. TSS Heavy Duty Runflat Wheels, Rodgard™ (FINABEL-compliant) Runflat inserts, MOV’IT Security™ Brakes, TSS ProtecTank® self-sealing fuel tanks, B&G Vehicle Intercoms and SKYDEX Technologies shock mitigation products are all part of a carefully selected portfolio, designed and tested to internationally recognised standards. Keep reading to learn more about what TSS calls Armour Mobilty®. TSS was the first on the market with serial production of tested and certified high-payload alloy rims. Starting with 1500kgs capacity, constant developments have enabled 2000kgs payload per rim, which can be delivered fully assembled and ready to mount on the vehicle. TSS Heavy Duty Wheels are available for most CAV platforms and are always delivered with Rodgard™ Runflats, suitable for the high payloads, including tyres suitable for the vehicle and its mission.

Installing MOV’IT Security™ Brake upgrades, means you are increasing the friction between the pads and discs; optimising ventilation; strengthening the brake calipers and reinforcing the brake lines. As the weight distribution of the vehicle has changed, this has also been incorporated into the design of the brakes, ensuring shorter stopping distance and a reliable and consistent braking performance for vehicle weights in excess of 6000kgs.

TSS ProtecTank® is the truly self-sealing fuel tank protection system, allowing for significant weight savings in the armouring process. No vehicle modifications are necessary: the production makes use of the OEM fuel tank, which is tailor-made to fit as intended by the OEM.

B&G Vehicle Intercoms allow for closed-door, 2-way communication with bystanders of your armoured vehicle. Various versions for communication between vehicle compartments and Public Address systems are available as well as configurable sirens and red-blue LED lights for in the grill.

The latest addition to TSS International’s product line-up is intended to enhance the mobility of the occupants of an AV. Due to the geometry with a flat underside, most CAV’s transfer a lot of kinetic energy of an under-vehicle IED blast upwards, potentially crushing any feet resting on the floor. Placing SKYDEX Convoy Deck on the floor can significantly limit the negative consequences of an under-vehicle blast. These shock mitigation mats are easily retro-fittable, but can also help reduce the weight of the vehicle if integrated in the design of the vehicle, possibly eliminating the need for an elevated floor. With new versions of the Toyota LandCruiser and Mercedes G-wagen becoming the new standard, it is a good time to think about raising the bar for personnel protection on these vehicles. TSS has already delivered SKYDEX Convoy Deck for several certified vehicles used by European Armed Forces.

TSS International products are tested and certified by institutes such as TNO, Beschussamt, IABG, TüV, MBDA, RDW and KIWA. TSS is a registered UNGM and NAMSA supplier and member of NIDV, ESTA and Fleet Forum. A number of TSS’ products have been allocated NATO Stock Numbers.

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