Aliter Technologies fights against cyber crime

Among other leading global companies, Aliter has also joined the Cybersecurity Tech Accord platform.

The aim of this group is to protect and empower citizens in online environment, in electronic data processing and to increase security in virtual space through cooperation. In addition to Aliter Technologies, another Slovak company is part of the group – ESET.

The basic principles of mutual agreement are:

  • We will protect all of our users and customers everywhere.
  • We will oppose efforts to attack innocent citizens and enterprises from anywhere.
  • We will help empower users, customers and developers to strengthen cybersecurity protection.
  • We will partner with each and with likeminded groups to enhance cybersecurity.

“We are proud to be invited to such an exclusive society. The threats posed by cyber-terrorism cannot be underestimated; in the recent period, we have witnessed several times what a global hacker attack can cause. We do not want our technology to be used against our clients.” Aliter Technologies CEO Peter Dostál said on the initiative. As he added, the main effort is to help regular users and businessmen and to provide them the highest possible protection and comfort.

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