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Aliter Technologies is an acknowledged expert in the area of ICT and software development. Its innovative work and quality has led to a portfolio of award winning products and solutions that are daily used by NATO and other international organizations, global technology companies and suppliers in the fields of security and defense, even in tactical environments.

In the Defense & Security area, Aliter Technologies delivers products and solutions intended for use by armed forces, homeland security, police, civil protection, emergency rescue teams, crisis management staffs, and other organizations involved in response to military and non-military crisis situations. The company solutions are designed in accordance with both NATO and international standards, and are rapidly deployable, highly mobile and autonomous in nature.


  • Tactical & Mobile ICT
  • ICT for Special Operations Forces
  • Crisis Management & Public Safety
  • Ground-to-Air Communications
  • Border Protection
  • Industrial Drones


Aliter Technologies – COMTANET® Deployable ICT Modules – military tactical IP based voice, data and video teleconferencing services


COMTANET® of the second generation provides IP based voice, data and video teleconferencing services at military tactical command posts, as well as at temporary operational centers of civilian protection. This also includes the use and integration of various transmission means such as military radios, LOS radio relay equipment, civil radios, high-speed MANET radios, satellite devices, metallic and optical field wires, etc., thus building a comprehensive tactical communication network.

COMTANET® is available:

  • In a deployable light configuration in transport boxes fitted with appropriate ICT technologies or,
  • as mobile command and control system integrated into technological containers and / or special command and control vehicles.

The core of COMTANET® consists of MIL-STD tactical ICT devices such as servers, routers, switches, power supply units, DC power distribution and UPS units, voice radio gateways, data radio gateways, high-speed MANET radios, media converters, line termination units, radio communication monitoring units, etc. The construction of the devices allows them to be installed and used in military weapon systems such as tanks, combat armored vehicles, artillery systems, etc.

Aliter Technologies-VIMA – Virtual Mast for Tactical Deployment


VIMA (Virtual Mast) is a solution fully replacing the classic mechanical mast that is used as a carrier of cameras, antennas, radios and other devices and sensors for tactical deployment.

VIMA combines modern technologies with customer’s high demands for quick set up in various environments, where is necessary to provide monitoring from higher altitudes than static mast is able to provide. Its take-off, flight and landing are fully automatic and it is possible to ensure its continuous operation thanks to the power from the ground station. VIMA can provide support for counter-terrorist operations, high-risk interventions (including increasing radio coverage at the site), traffic or border monitoring, monitoring of cultural and sporting events, etc.

Aliter Technologies-B2R 2nd generation high speed data radio


The 2nd generation of high speed data radio B2R (Broadband Radio Router) creates a high-speed tactical mobile radio infrastructure through MANET with Wave Relay® compatible radio network for simultaneous transmission of data, video and voice.

B2R is the ideal medium for use in fast deployable and highly mobile military tactical units due to the high tech functionality of MANET. With ever-increasing demand for transmission speed, B2R is also the ideal IP communication platform for deploying C4ISR systems into tactical environment.

Aliter Technologies-AT21201 Tactical Voice Communication Gateway


The AT21201 Voice Communication Gateway provides fully automatic and to the maximum extent unattended transition from IP telecommunication networks to radio networks and vice versa. It is also possible to select the basic parameters of the connected radio station directly from the phone.

The radio gateway also enables automatic creation of radio retransmission and the connection of two telephone networks over the radio link. Optionally, a graphic PC application is available to monitor and control the operation of the radio gateway.

In addition to radio gateway features, the device also provides VoIP switchboard features and various analogue and digital voice interfaces.

Other Aliter Technologies Ruggedized ICT Tactical Devices


The AT10301 ruggedized Mobile Router is a high performance router built on Cisco 5915 ESR. The device provides reliable and safe routing of data via tactical mobile communication networks.

The AT10401 ruggedized Mobile i7 Server provides an excellent processing performance for tactical C2 applications.

The AT10201 ruggedized 10 port Mobile Ethernet Switch offers a reliable and secure data interconnection in the communication networks of highly mobile tactical units.

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