Calgon Carbon Corporation Acquires Groundbreaking Defence Technology

Calgon Carbon Corporation - a worldwide leader in the production and development of activated carbon in both cloth and granular forms - is pleased to announce the acquisition of groundbreaking technology in Chemical and Biological (CB) decontamination.

The Company has acquired the technology and patent for a revolutionary decontamination mitt for the operational removal of chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and toxic chemical contamination from Entropic Systems, Inc (ESI).  ESI is a chemical engineering research and development company specialising in decontamination technology.  The mitt uses two different forms of Zorflex® 100% Activated Carbon Cloth, manufactured by the Cloth Division, a division of Chemviron Carbon Limited which is an indirect subsidiary of Calgon Carbon Corporation.

Dr. Robert Kaiser, principal at ESI and creator of the decontamination mitt, will work as a Consultant for Calgon Carbon Corporation to ensure the success of the mitt in the market.  ESI worked in conjunction with Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center (ECBC) in the US to develop the superior decontamination wipe.  The work was in response to a call from the US Department of Defense for cutting edge decontamination technology to meet tomorrow’s needs.

The decontamination wipe effectively removes more than 90% of CWAs from a variety of sensitive
equipment items in one pass.  This exceeds United States government performance goals for immediate decontamination.  Based on the use of activated carbon fabric technology, the removed contaminants do not off-gas because they are locked into the pores of the activated carbon cloth where there is evidence from ECBC that some agents are broken down over time.

The mitt easily decontaminates complex surfaces, is flexible and comfortable, will not scratch optical lenses or delicate surfaces nor leave behind contaminated powder particles (unlike powdered materials).  The ambidextrous design, which incorporates Velcro® closure for on-hand stability, provides an effective cleaning surface and ensures ease of use while wearing cumbersome decontamination gear.  The mitt is not limited to CWA’s – it can also be used to effectively remove a broad range of non-volatile hazardous organic chemicals such as pesticides.

Once used, the mitt can be placed back into the original pouch which doubles as an airtight envelope for safe handling.  Immersion in a bleach solution or incineration ensures its safe disposal.

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