A Case Study from Adler and Allan, Fuel Tank Replacement at Kendrew Barracks

Project Scope

The project works comprised of the complete removal of existing MTFI including 3 x below ground storage tanks, underground separator, kiosk, lighting system, electrical items, forecourt and dispensing pumps. The new installation included a new kiosk, new integrally bunded above ground tank, 4 x new dispensing pumps, lighting, separator plus telemetry and all existing equipment required for an MTFI under DMG 14.

Project Issues

Tank Cleaning

There was an issue raised with regards to the planned method to be used to decommission the fuel storage tanks where tank confined space entry was not to be allowed even though the proposed procedures to be followed are those as set out in the Energy Institute’s Guidelines. Adler and Allan in order to resolve the issue accommodated a change in procedure and implemented the bespoke solution requested by the client, mobilising the additional plant, machinery and personnel required to accomplish the task. The Underground Storage Tanks were then decommissioned by the method as required by the onsite AP.

Oil water Interceptor

Projects Aquatrine specification did not detail the design for the telemetry system accurately. Using Adler and Allan’s in house CompEx electricians and design team, a design was produced and installed, leading to the successful handover of the system to the Project Aquatrine partner responsible for that area.

Project Highlights

  • • Project was completed on time and within budget.
  • • Compliments from the Professional Inspector, FGSR, DIO and Client (Amey Defence Services) with additional works gained.
  • • Facility currently operates and supports local infantry unit.

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