Excelitas expanding Laser Range Finder (LRF) Receivers Capability.

  • Date: 9th October 2019
  • Company: Qioptiq

Excelitas is expanding capacity for InGaAs APD designed for Laser Range Finder (LRF) Receivers, as well as introducing a new generation of Pulsed Laser Diodes for LRF Emitters. Receivers have fast response and high optical dynamics for long distance Range Finders. Emitters operate at eye safe wavelengths of 1550nm and offers an improved efficiency.

Eric Desfonds – Product leader explains “The new generation of 1550nm Pulsed Laser Diode have a much better efficiency than previous generations. That allows up to 100W of optical peak power with reduced use of battery power on hand-held devices.”

Laser Range Finders will benefit from improved Emitter and Receiver capability over much longer distances, which will also deliver lower false alarms during operation. Beyond the standard catalog parts, Excelitas can provide further custom packaging, screening and qualification to meet the most stringent operating conditions, providing ITAR-free and BAFA-free solutions.

Further information and images can be found on our new website -

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