High Performance Passive Command Wire Detectors - WD10

WD10 is a high performance passive command wire detector for use by CIED Search teams and IEDD operators. The detector is easy to use, having simple controls for power and pin-pointing a target. Target detection is indicated by a clear audible alert, via the integral sounder or an optional earphone.

Command Wire Detector - WD10

The detector is supplied in two parts that are easily assembled for use and split apart for transport using a simple hand-tightened collar fixing. Total time to make operational from packed transit case is less than 3 minutes.

The detector uses sophisticated digital detection and performs automatic calibration to ensure that sensitivity is always optimal. The advanced microcontroller design also performs power management functions and continual background diagnostics.

WD10 is powered by three standard alkaline D cells giving more than 12 hours of typical search use.

The detector features a unique ergonomically designed handle allowing prolonged search periods without strain. The advanced electronics are protected by a lightweight, high strength metal enclosure.

WD10 Command Wire Detector Key Features
Detection of surface and buried command wires
Passive detection method - no radiating elements
Target detection indicated by variable tone
Pin-point mode for precise target location
Automatic calibration for ease of use and optimum sensitivity
Low power drain for long battery life
Controls Power / sensitivity control
Pin-point mode
Alert volume control
Indicators Instrument on / function / battery low warning
Field strength warning if ambient field is outside normal operating limits
Confidence click indicates correct operation
Integral loudspeaker for alert tone
Earphone socket - automatically suppresses loudspeaker

Type: 3 off D (IEC-LR20) alkaline manganese cell
Operating time: 40 hours using professional alkaline battery (typical use)
Option: Rechargeable battery pack
Housing: No tools required for fitting

Assembled detector: 1380mm long x 45mm diameter
Widest dimension: 200mm to peak of handle
Mass: 2.2kg with batteries fitted
Construction: Aluminium alloy extrusion, GRP probe

Material finish: green-grey drab
Temperature Range: -15.C to +60.C
Submersion: probe submersible up to junction with control housing
Shock: Survives 0.75 meter drop onto concrete.

Typical Performance Target Detection Distance Detection Position
50m wire 225mm centre of wire
50m wire 50mm within 2m of wire end
Performance depends on wire length, buried depth, orientation of wire to ambient radio field, ground conditions and other factors.

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