Interface Concept, a leader in commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions is announcing a new 6U VME 1/10/40 Ethernet Switch Board.

Interface Concept, a leader in commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions is announcing the ComEth4000e, a new 6U VME 1/10/40 Gigabit Ethernet Switching board, dedicated to Defense and industrial high-computing applications.

Compared to its ComEth4000a predecessor, the ComEth4000e Gigabit Ethernet switch features 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet ports made available via special mezzanine boards, on a 1-slot or 2-slots 6U VME form-factor (air- cooled configuration).

The single-slot 6U VME board comes with 12 x 1000BASE-T Ethernet ports while the dual-slot 6U VME board provides up to 24 x 1000BASE-T Ethernet ports on the front panel. Both configurations offer 8 x 1000BASE-T Ethernet ports as an option on the VME P0 connector, and can be equipped with up to 5 mezzanine boards (factory-build) providing 10GBASE-T, SFP+ (1G/10G), SFP (100M/1G) or QSFP (40G) ports instead of the 4 front 1000BASE-T ports.

This flexible product design allows the user to choose from various Ethernet interface configuration according to its application requirements.

The ComEth4000e managed Layer2/3 Ethernet switch is powered by a highly integrated Marvell System-on-a- Chip (SoC) with programmable packet processors. Its Ethernet switch matrix is managed with an independent Marvell ARMv7 dual-core processor, supporting the Switchware network management application. This high- performance Layer3 switch can be remotely configured by the Switchware web interface, SNMP or CLI interfaces. Moreover, this product offers IPv4/IPv6 routing capabilities.

“Our engineers have designed a flexible Ethernet Switch for 6U VME legacy systems, with a full array of configurations to meet integrators’ demanding applications, "said Pierre Ansquer, Interface Concept’s Business Development and Customer Support Director.

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INTERFACE CONCEPT is a leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance embedded board and systems, aimed at ground, naval, air and industrial applications. The company markets Commercial-Off- The- Shelf (COTS) products, based on industrial standards (3U/6U VPX, cPCI, VME, FMC, XMC, PMC) and high-end technologies. Product portfolio includes Gigabit Ethernet switches, Single Board Computers, FPGA processing boards, Analog and digital acquisition mezzanine cards (ADC/DAC), and 2D/3D graphic solutions.
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