JFD establishes JFD North America to provide underwater capabilities to the USA and Americas

  • Date: 16th March 2021
  • Company: JFD
  • JFD has established an entity to focus on growth in the USA and Americas
  • JFD North America utilizes JFD’s three decades of expertise in underwater life support applications and services
  • JFD North America will be supported by JFD’s partner Chase Defense Partners

JFD, the world leading underwater capability provider serving the commercial and defense markets and part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has announced the establishment of its office in the United States - JFD North America.

JFD North America has been established to provide JFD’s world leading sub-surface engineering, technology, and special operations capability to the United States and to the Americas through a dedicated entity. 

The establishment of JFD North America allows access to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) opportunities alongside the ability to respond to requirements from the US Navy, US SOCOM, and other DoD offices that have interest in the underwater domain. 

Danny Gray, JFD Managing Director, adds:

“The United States of America and the wider Americas region are of great importance to JFD, and the establishment of a dedicated office through JFD North America allows us to bring our three decades of underwater domain expertise to the market. JFD North America will have a US presence that allows for direct and local contact with its customer base. This is a major investment and commitment to providing support and services to the US Department of Defense.”

As industry leaders in the maritime domain and in the development and delivery of special operations capability, JFD’s portfolio and expertise is offered through JFD North America in the areas of maritime mobility, advanced diving and life support, specialized maritime extraction and submarine rescue.

In addition, JFD North America intends to establish a support, sustainment and training capability that will benefit the US DoD customers with direct and immediate support.

JFD North America has established US operations in Reston, Virginia and will be supported by JFD’s long-term partner in the USA, Chase Defense Partners. Chase Defense Partners has a strong core competency in US DoD programs and requirements for underwater systems and surface support activities. JFD North America’s capabilities are extremely synergistic and a needed asset to help expand US capabilities. Bringing new technology and capabilities to the hyper-enabled operator is of paramount importance to both companies.

JFD North America will also be supported by SOCOM business development lead Jim Emmert, and JFD’s Submarine Rescue Global Technical Authority, Dr Greg Cotten, based in San Diego.

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