L3Harris VAMPIRETM systems bound for Ukraine to be equipped with EOS Gimbal technology

EOS Defense Systems USA, Inc, the U.S defence subsidiary of Electro Optic Systems (EOS) has been selected to provide the EOS AS-65 gimbal, developed for the R150 remote weapon system (RWS), as the positioning component for the L3Harris Vehicle Agnostic Modular Palletized ISR Rocket Equipment – or VAMPIRETM. The VAMPIRETM system is a vehicle-agnostic, rapid weapon deployment solution that gives ground forces the ability to quickly and accurately engage targets. L3Harris received a contract from the U.S Department of Defense to deliver 14 of their VAMPIRETMmulti-purpose weapons systems to strengthen Ukrainian security defence efforts and allow Ukraine ground forces to target and shoot down enemy drones and defend against adversary ground threats.

By selecting the EOS AS-65, L3Harris is choosing the lightest weight and most precise gimbal in the industry enabling unmatched accuracy and stabilisation. The AS-65 is the smallest gimbal within the EOS weapon system family and is capable of precisely aiming and firing rockets, missiles, and other payloads, supporting ground-to-ground, and ground-to-air delivery with high speed and precision strike capability.

For the VAMPIRETM system, the EOS AS-65 is coupled with the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) in a 4-pack launcher configuration providing long-range accuracy to destroy up to Group 3 UAS threats at a wide variety of speeds, ranges and altitudes. The 70 mm diameter laser guided rocket is effective at tracking and killing targets using advanced seeker optics and four guidance wings that are deployed after firing.

EOS will perform integration and support operations for the VAMPIRETM system from its U.S facility in Huntsville, Alabama. EOS is proud to be supporting L3Harris in the endeavour.

The EOS AS-65 gimbal joins more than 40 EOS R400 remote weapon systems, fitted to Bushmaster armoured vehicles delivered to Ukraine, as part of the Australian Government’s ongoing commitment to the defence of Ukraine.

In June Canberra-based EOS officially opened a new production line for the R150 RWS in response to growing international demand for lightweight systems that can be fitted to a wide range of protected and utility vehicles.

EOS has experienced an increase in global sales this year. In April, they announced two conditional contracts with Ukraine, totalling up to US$121 million (A$181 million), to provide up to 150 RWS units and related components. In June, they secured another EUR32 million (A$51 million) contract to supply RWS units, including spares, training, and related services, to a Western European government.  EOS will leverage its extensive support network and supply chain to fulfil the contracts.

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