Lutra Associates Supports Clients at NATO Support and Procurement Agency

Stalbridge Dorset 10 Feb 20.  Lutra Associates, the Dorset based Defence and Security Consultancy, recently supported three of its clients at the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) in Capellen Luxembourg. The day long event was facilitated by the British Embassy in Luxembourg led by HM Ambassador John Marshall, The UK Ministry of Defence and The Department for International Trade Defence and Security Organization and hosted by senior officials of NSPA. The meeting allowed briefings on NSPA processes, procedures and cultures and Industry products and capabilities. 

In addition to briefing NSPA about its own capabilities Lutra briefed NSPA about the products, plans and ambitions of two companies PlastPack Defence (PPD) and Survival Systems Limited (SSL) and assisted 4th Generation Development(4GD™) who also attended in their own right.  In return NSPA briefed Lutra on procurement plans and ambitions for the products and services these four companies provide. The briefings and contacts made have already been passed on to the respective companies.

PPD have pioneered the development of plastic ammunition cases to replace the existing metal designs which have been in service since 1941/2.  The main advantage of plastic Lightweight Ammunition Cases (LWACS) is weight (mass) saving.  Each LWACs represents a saving of 68% container for container, like for like resulting in 16% more ammunition being shipped in the same space.  The results are reduced logistic and through life costs and increased platform range and ammunition capacity with additional operational and environmental benefits. Fully NATO stock Numbered LWACs are being adopted world wide.

SSL design and manufacture underwater escape trainers for helicopters, small craft and light aircraft and provide survival training for aircrew, troops and offshore workers flying over water and boat crews from port and facility operators, coast guard and other rescue services. Helicopter Underwater Escape Trainers (HUETS) and training are required by law for those flying over water and are in service around the world. The vast majority of these are SSL’s METS® (Modular Egress Training Systems) using a variety of SSL personnel rated lift systems to lift the METS® into and out of the water and provide safety back up. Full turnkey maintenance and training systems are also provided.  

4GD are specialists in providing dismounted close combat simulation for the military. Their facilities focus on immersing the operator into the most realistic training environment possible whilst enabling the instructor unrivalled access to performance data. The aim is to objectify the field of urban close combat training and wider defence. In terms of simulation 4GD™ aims to find the best technology, virtual or physical, to create affordable and immersive training systems. The key aims are for the system to be intuitive to the user and future proofed to take advantage of future developments. 4GD™ systems are in service in the UK and US.

Lutra advise and help governments and companies in a variety of fields and disciplines ranging from CBRN to market access, and from business improvement to contract and project delivery. Lutra works worldwide. 

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