A New era in CBRN Respiratory Protection

Based on the successful design of Scott Safety’s General Service Respirator (GSR) for the military, currently used by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Scott Safety’s First Responder Respirator (FRR) is the next generation of respiratory protection for the global civil responder community.

First Responder Respirator (FRR)

Providing protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats, the FRR uses revolutionary technology to deliver lower user burden, improved systems integration and ease of operation.  It is compatible with conventional round filters with a Din 40 thread, Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR), Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and compressed air airline breathing systems.

This ability to switch between supplied air and filters is vital for environments where the threat is unknown or extreme (IDLH Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health). The only safe approach when working in these environments is supplied air when the user is restricted by the amount of air he or she can carry.  Being able to safely switch between modes allows users to tailor their protection to their immediate needs without having to retire to a safe zone and change equipment.

The capability to function as a combination respirator, a Scott Modular Respiratory Protection System (MRPS) is facilitated by the use of modular side fittings and different exhalation structures, including auto switchable. This modular construction allows the user to easily clean and maintain each element of the mask, as well as attach additional radio and voice amp options.

A number of features have been introduced to  improve wearer comfort which is particularly important when the mask is worn for long periods of time,  including self-regulating, twin primary face seals that provide increased protection, a range of harness options and a high efficiency drinking system that delivers in excess of  0.5 lpm as required. The drinking system can also be integrated with canteens and back worn hydration systems. The flexible, hard coated lens provides a wide field of view and impact protection in excess of EN166, Class 1 requirements. The lens can also be adapted for visual impairments including progressive (vari-focal) lenses.

Customers can also purchase a number of additional products to further enhance the FRR’s capability include: carriage systems, radio and speech amplification interfaces, lens outserts for added impact, flash, sunlight and IR (laser) protection, advanced fit testing hardware and training packages.

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