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3M Scott are leaders in the design and manufacture of Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE). Scott’s range includes military and civil defence “gas masks” and filters, Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR), Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Escape Sets (Emergency Egress Breathing Devices – EEBD).

Supplying military, CBRNe first responder and civil defence customers is an important part of Scott’s business but they are also market-leaders in the provision of RPE to industrial and fire-fighting markets. This has proved invaluable during recent operations, where some Urgent Operational Requirements (UOR’s) were met by utilising technology from within Scott’s “industrial market” portfolio.

The breadth and diversity of Scott’s expertise frequently enables them to provide quick and often novel responses to respiratory protection requirements. They invest heavily in research and development for RPE employing dedicated engineering teams in centres of excellence globally.

Key products in the Scott portfolio include:-

The General Service Respirator (GSR)

The new twin filter, single flexible lens CBRN respiratory protection ensemble developed to the exacting requirements of the UK MOD.

Offering unprecedented levels of respiratory protection, including Toxic Industrial Chemicals and ground breaking levels of particulate protection (against biological hazards, radiological dusts and viruses) GSR also combines a list of design features to offer significantly reduced physiological and psychological burden to the user, enhanced field of view and easier communication. GSR platform variants can now facilitate the use of positive pressure supplied air technologies meaning combination respirators for specialist users incorporating SCBA, PAPR and supplied airline in addition to negative pressure APR filters are possible.

The “M” Range of CBRN Respirators and Filters

The M95 and M98 offer both military and civil defence solutions to CBRN respiratory protection. The M’95 is a conventional binocular mask with drinking facilities and is ideally suited to military and Civil Defence requirements where personal weapon sighting is part of the requirement. The M98 has an identical level of protection but with a large single visor offers a wider field of view and better facial recognition, a feature that can be important for crowd control and cordon duties.

Additionally Scott design and manufacture a range of filters to meet customer specified performance requirements.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

World leaders in Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Scott design and manufacture SCBA to both NIOSH and European CBRN standards. Scott also specialise in the provision of SCBA for damage control on ships and include amongst their customers The US Navy, The Royal Navy, The Swedish Navy and the Pakistan Navy.

Powered Air Purifying Respirators

Scott have considerable long term experience in the design and manufacture of PAPR, indeed the first ever PAPR CE certified was produced at their Skelmersdale UK facility. This is further backed by their in house filter design and manufacturing capability making them an ideal partner to fill operational capability gaps.

Emergency Egress Breathing Devices – EEBD

Compressed air, filtering and oxygen generating escape sets form part of the Scott range of escape hoods.

Scott also have significant capability in Thermal Imaging, Gas Detection, Air Compressors and Communications for fire fighting and related applications.

Though Life Capability Management

Scott have also developed a full working understanding of TLCM and understand the importance of working across all the lines of development, with the unified customer, to develop the required capability.

Pictures: Courtesy of United States Navy and ©Crown Copyright/MOD.
Reproduced with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationary Office.


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