Oxley Panel Mount LED Lamps

Oxley LED indicators combine the latest in technology with proven mechanical and optical expertise to provide a range of products designed for the most demanding of industrial and military applications.

The unique ‘modular’ design allows a wide range of colours and options to be incorporated into the lamp, including EMI shielding, night vision compatibility and sunlight viewing capability.

Oxley lamps deliver high reliability with MTBF in excess of 90,000 hours and complete ‘fit for function’ practicality, providing a cost efficient solution available with a wide range of termination and voltage options.

DESC Approved Lamps
Oxley manufactures high specification IP68 lamps which have been qualified against DESC controlled drawings 85122 and 87019. Available in 8mm mounting and in a range of colours the lamps are 100% screened against Table I and II of the DESC drawings including: burn-in, seal, temperature cycling and luminous intensity testing.

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