PHOENIX Rises to Deliver Enhanced Range Target Location & Engagement

  • Date: 9th October 2019
  • Company: Qioptiq

PHOENIX, is a suite of Dismounted VAS products that will provide the Warfighter with enhanced Observation, Target Location and Target Engagement capabilities, based upon a common thermal core and operating architecture, enhanced connectivity and capability growth potential.

PHOENIX-S provides long range observation and engagement capability - well aligned to the range capabilities of modern 0.338” and 0.5” Sniper Rifles and Ammunition, whilst still being sufficiently compact and lightweight to be utilized on 7.62 Sharpshooter / Support Weapon platforms.

PHOENIX-H shares the HOT Thermal Core and central processing with PHOENIX-S for commonality, but also features a digital day channel, Laser Range Finder, Laser Pointer, GPS and an advanced AHRS (Attitude and Reference Heading System) which provides accurate own and target location. As with all of Excelitas’s products, PHOENIX systems are ITAR free solutions, whilst utilizing the latest in sensor and display technologies.

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