Polyformes Military Suppliers of Foam Cushioning & Protective Transit Cases

As manufacturers and suppliers to the MoD and a multitude of Defence and Aerospace companies worldwide, Polyformes is geared up to produce bespoke foam packaging for military applications.

Examples include :

  • Foam cushioning and cradles for missile, electronics housing and transportation,
  • Helicopter rotor blade spacers in high density Plastazote foam
  • Explorer Cases – waterproof and rugged in a variety of sizes including
  • Rifle Cases – with foam inserts for sniper rifles,
  • Nightsight Cases complete with cleaning and maintenance tool kits within foam inserts.

In many military applications, often the packaged items are immediately committed to long term storage. Munitions and firearms are stockpiled for use and are quality checked periodically. Such items must not deteriorate, even during very long term storage, and must be ready to perform immediately when or if needed.

The foams that we use are ideal advanced military packaging materials for long term protection. There are no corrosion issues as the blowing agent used to expand Plastazote is pure nitrogen, which has no corrosive potential.

Our sister company, PSP (Performance Solution Packaging) are Military Suppliers of Composite Packs & Wooden Crates

At PSP, full turnkey operations are undertaken including assembly, kitting and vendor managed inventories. With Ministry of Defence DR-14 Accreditation, PSP are authorized to design military packaging and create the necessary SPIS sheets in order to manufacture to the highest standards. These same standards are taken into other sectors when producing timber and ply crates, solid board or corrugated export packs, specialized pallet work and industrial and commercial flight cases.

PSP package:

  • Aircraft gearboxes
  • Anti-tank weapon systems
  • Helicopter actuators
  • Trackside assembly kits
  • All military, aerospace, industrial and commercial equipment

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