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Polyformes Group are specialist foam packaging and manufactured foam component providers to the defence and aerospace sectors. As well as protective cushioning foam, Polyformes supplies rugged waterproof cases, lightweight aluminium fly-away cases and bespoke heavy duty flight cases in which the foam housing is fitted to suit individual equipment requirements. As MoD approved designers and suppliers, we have provided positive packaging results for over 35 years.


Advanced Plastazote Military Packaging Foams

Plastazote Foams are used extensively for defence contracts as they are capable of withstanding repeated use in testing military environments. They have a uniform closed-cell structure and excellent stability which means they are highly suitable for cushion packaging and protection as well as long term storage. They do not cause staining or corrosion unlike other foams. These foams meet DEF-STAN specifications in many areas including General Purpose and Explosives Compatible – DEF-Stan 81-116/3 type GP and Type QX respectively.

DEF-Stan 93-101/3 details the MOD’s requirements for foams manufactured from high-density polyethylene. These more rigid materials are used extensively for military helmet liners. Polyformes supplies a Plastazote HD grade to meet this requirement and manufacture liners themselves.


Rugged Waterproof, Shockproof and Dustproof Cases

Virtually indestructible, these NATO Stock Numbered olive drab and desert sand coloured cases are used globally, housing sniper rifles, IED detection systems, thermal imagers, satellite and surveillance equipment and communications. Ultimate protection with Explorer Cases.


Tool Control Foam Shadowboards

Tool control is a measure of ensuring safety, efficiency, improved productivity and savings within the factory or workplace environment, especially in the aerospace and automotive fields. With a simple and highly effective method of instantly seeing that all of the required tools for the required job are in place, work can begin in the knowledge that the job or shift should be free of any tooling issues.


The benefits of having properly organised tool storage and control include -­

  • rapid tool location for instant use
  • protection of expensive kit
  • prevention of tools sliding around during transit
  • avoids loss or theft of tools
  • easy to see if tools are not replaced
  • safety and peace of mind as tools will not be left within aircraft/vehicles/machine

Polyformes are able to print full identification numbers, instructions and images, in colour, on the foam trays. This not only enhances product but makes for a fail-safe utilisation of tooling per requirement.

Aluminium Containers including Fly Away Packs


Aluminium alloy cases are ideal for transportation by air owing to their very light weight and excellent stacking facility. Standard Fly Away packs are used by the Armed Forces for general kit deployment. Bespoke containers can be made special to content with or without foam supports and cushioning.



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