Polyformes Protective Packaging for Security & Surveillance Products

 Polyformes Ltd is the UK’s largest protective foam insert manufacturer in the UK. Foam inserts are supplied in cases or cartons in variety of sizes and materials - waterproof, aluminium, plastic, wooden – whatever is best for the job in hand. Each range of case has various sizes, and the aluminium, wooden and flight cases can be made to order. All foams are bespoke to suit your equipment.This means optimum protection for all security and homeland defence equipment that needs housing,transportation or storage in all conditions.    Whatever you manufacture – we can house, package and protect it for you:  

Waterproof Cases for Communications Equipment

  Our Explorer cases are waterproof, dustproof and shockproof and currently in use worldwide for security applications. Because of the way they are manufactured, superior performance is guaranteed in extreme environments and they are corrosion and acid proof.  They have a lifetime guarantee against breakage of materials and workmanship. Owing to the nature of some operations, these cases are ideal if you need to bury detection equipment underground, or attach kits to underwater areas. You know that everything will be safe within these superbly versatile cases that come in a standard range of 24 sizes. (Explorer Cases are water and dustproof to IP67, meeting Defence Standard 81-41 Level J, with STANAG 4280 certification and NATO stock codes).   

Lightweight Aluminium Transit Cases for Rapid Deployment

  Whether used by the Police, Homeland Security or the Emergency Services, our bespoke aluminium containers are extremely light - ideal if weight is an issue e.g. in air transportation. We will produce foam cushioning inserts or cradles to suit so that your equipment can be easily shipped and deployed.


Plastic Cases for Small Kits – Detection, Scenes of Crime, Medical Testing

  There are a myriad of plastic cases on the market in a large range of sizes. We supply all makes but keep in stock the Teckno and Ergoline ranges as standard. However many parts your kit comprises, we can package it for ease of use, added value aesthetics and generally in your corporate colours (case and foam).   Cartons and End Caps   For shipping finished products at low cost but with high protection, foam end caps in cartons may be ideal for your product, especially if it is a single item rather than a set of parts. Apart from the closed cell cushioning foam, a low cost double wall carton gives added protection. In many cases and dependent upon the product, a single wall carton will be sufficient.  

Cushioning  Foams and Foam Components

  Polyformes utilises Plastazote fine cell foams and Ethafoam and Stratocell larger cell foams, optimising capability and cost effectiveness by being able to offer the greatest range of materials to suit specific requirements. Not only do Polyformes produce inserts, but any component in closed cell pe foam whether a shaped pad, swim float, helmet trauma liner, mechanics mat – you name it, if it can be made Polyformes will produce it. As the UK’s most advanced foam converter, service, quality and competitiveness can be the benefits to your company.    



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