Scott Safety Showcases Modular Respiratory Protection Systems at Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEi)

Scott Safety is a global leader in the provision of high specification products and innovative materials, ensuring durability and reliability in the most hostile chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) environments, allowing specialist users to maintain operational capability.  The company will be showcasing its latest products at the Defence & Security Equipment International exhibition (DSEi – stand S4-451, 15th to 18th September 2015, ExCeL London).

On show at this year’s DSEi is the Scott Patriot 5510. This hybrid Air Purifier Respirator (APR)/Powered Air Purifier Respirator (PAPR)/Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) modular system provides rapid adaptation to overcome any CBRN contaminated environment. It can be used in any mode of operation using a single mask, the operator can change modes by simply switching the mode selector on the mask. This allows for truly effortless breathing during combat or law enforcement operations.

Also on display is Scott Safety’s new Modular Respiratory Protection range including, the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying SCBA (MOLLE-SCBA), the Tactical ProPak and Tactical ACS.  The Scott Safety MOLLE-SCBA represents a major advancement in its field and is set to become the standard carrier for SCBA in the military. The kit has been designed specifically to be incorporated into standard tactical load-bearing equipment such as body armour, carrying systems and vests. It is also lighter than any other carrying system in its class, offering the ultimate in comfort and operational flexibility.

The new Tactical ProPak also incorporates Scott Safety’s proven SCBA technology whilst incorporating features that make it suitable for tactical operations. It features an adjustable back plate that enables a high level of user comfort in a robust and durable design. The ProPak comes with the option to utilise Scott Safety’s new 379 bar cylinder technology which provides 25% higher pressure than the company’s standard 300 bar SCBA, offering increased duration with minimal increases in size and weight, reducing user burden.

The Tactical ACS features high performance pneumatics on a lightweight and flexible backplate specifically designed for tactical environments. The set has been designed with specialist users in mind; it is durable for use in the most hazardous of CBRN environments and features no reflective or luminous parts.

Visitors can also see the General Service Respirator (GSR) a world class solution developed for the UK MoD. The GSR provides the UK Armed Forces with improved levels of respiratory and ocular protection against CBRN threats and was developed to improve the psychological and physiological burden of wearing a respirator for extended periods. From the GSR Scott Safety has developed a platform of next generation masks offering a range of military off the shelf masks capable of addressing numerous capability gaps.

The evolution of the respirator to the Scott GSRe and GSResS offers the user the ability to rapidly change between high performance GSR teardrop twin filters to global standard DIN 40mm threaded filters as well as the capability to easily switch between negative and positive pressure operating modes permitting the use of multiple respiratory protection options, including in multi-functional combination respirator ensembles. The First Responder Respirator (FRR) is ideal for HAZMAT operations where an approved respirator is required, it features the same innovative design standards applied to the GSR but is also approved to EN 148-1:1999, EN 136:1998 Class 3, EN 137:2006 Type 2, and BS 8468-1&2:2006 standards. While designed to accept Stanag 4155 DIN 40mm threaded filter cartridges the FRR is also supplied with a secondary particle filter combining for unequalled performance against CBRN threats. The FRR can additionally function in a positive pressure mode to facilitate use with combination respirator systems (APR/PAPR/SCBA).

With thousands of people depending on Scott Safety products to help them in hazardous environments, the company has a dedicated training, servicing and assembly facilities around the world including Skelmersdale, Abu Dhabi, Guildford and Monroe. For more information about Scott Safety and its range of products visit stand S4-451 or

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