The Will-Burt Company Introduces Snap Dragon™ Stealth Elevation Solution at AUSA

Snap Dragon, the newest elevation product engineered and manufactured by The Will-Burt Company in Orrville, Ohio USA, will be introduced at AUSA 2013. The Snap Dragon delivers stealth and persistent elevated surveillance in a robust On-The-Move capable package.

Snap Dragon™ Stealth Elevation Solution

The Snap Dragon was developed as a result of customer research that indicated the need for a fast, robust and low-profile, elevation solution for cameras and other sensors. The Snap Dragon has a combination of distinctive features that make it particularly wellsuited to meet the challenges of field operations and border surveillance. A five to one deploy to stow ratio allows payloads to be hidden when not in use affording protection for these sensor payloads. Two power options are available, each providing unique benefits to meet specific mission requirements. A compressed air system provides silent power and extremely fast deployment and retraction of the payload in just 2 seconds. An electro-mechanical option allows for precise positioning of the sensor at any height.

Persistent surveillance is possible with the On-The-Move capable Snap Dragon. The inherently strong structure allows for wheeled vehicle OTM execution up to 15 mph (24 kmph). The robust design is not only OTM capable it also performs in harsh environments. Powered retraction of the system ensures that the payload can be brought down in ice and snow. Dust and dirt will not affect the performance of the moving parts. These capabilities are delivered by a system that requires very little maintenance and will provide optimal sensor positioning cycle after cycle.

“Snap Dragon delivers a unique set of benefits that further enhance the elevation solutions portfolio of Will-Burt,” said Jeffrey O. Evans, President, CEO and Chairman of The Will-Burt Company. “The speed at which Snap Dragon can be deployed and retracted, its low-profile payload concealment and On-The-Move capabilities deliver the elevation advantages needed by today’s military missions.”

About The Will-Burt Company:
The Will-Burt Company, located in Orrville, Ohio, is the world’s premier manufacturer of telescoping mast and tower elevation solutions – the world’s one stop shop offering virtually every payload elevation solution from one source – for military, fire, cellular, broadcast, entertainment and other applications. Will-Burt also designs and manufactures military and other shelters made of all-composite materials that deliver higher performance at lower life cycle cost than metal or partial composite shelters. Will-Burt’s LINX security solutions provide integrated access control and intrusion detection certified to protect critical assets. Will-Burt is employee-owned and has a strong commitment to the continuous improvement process set forth by its ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system.

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