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The Will-Burt Company is the world’s premier manufacturer of telescoping masts for elevation of surveillance sensors, communications antennas and remote operated weapons systems. Will-Burt designs and manufactures a complete line of standard and custom built telescopic masts using the finest materials, advanced engineering and quality testing to consistently deliver the world’s best vehicle, shelter and field deployed masts.  Our products are designed and manufactured to meet MIL-STD-810 and are field proven in the harshest environments.

Portable Telescopic Masts

Elevation Solutions for the Most Demanding Military Requirements

Warfighters rely on the dependability of Will-Burt telescoping masts and accessories world-wide. Reliable and durable, Will-Burt offers masts over 30m in height with payload capabilities of 816kg  and drive systems from electro-mechanical, pneumatic and manual, providing the utmost in flexibility for our product to meet program requirements.

With offices in the USA, UK, Singapore, Germany and partners throughout the world, The Will-Burt Company provides unsurpassed elevation and integration products and custom design capabilities, support and advice.

Portable Telescopic Towers

Rapid-deployment Portable Telescopic Tower Systems

The Will-Burt Company’s Integrated Tower Systems division is recognized as the world’s premier OEM-source for rapid-deployment Portable Tower Systems, Communication-Sites-on-Wheels/Light-Trucks (“COWS” and “COLTS”), and Mast-, Satellite- and Tower-Integrated Mobile Command and Communication Centers.  An innovative and extensive line of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS), customized and Military-Spec portable tower solutions support the emergency response, temporary and long-term communications, surveillance, test and other common and proprietary requirements of a global clientele.

When situations require higher payload elevation and/or heavier payload capacity, Integrated Tower Systems self-supporting telescopic lattice tower structures deliver the ultimate in performance. ITS towers can elevate payloads from 11.5 m to 32 m standard, and customized to 39.5 m.

Composite Shelters

All-composite Shelters and Containers

Will-Burt’s all-composite rigid wall shelter and container solutions deliver significantly lower life-cycle costs and increased performance advantages over shelters and containers constructed of metal and combination composite/metal materials. Will-Burt’s shelters are engineered to the demanding requirements and specifications of militaries around the world.  Our patented technology meets current industry demands for shelters and containers that are exceptionally strong, easy to transport/ deploy, weigh less, require less maintenance, provide thermal efficiency, have lower overall life-cycle costs, and can be deployed in extreme environments.

The all-composite, non-expandable rigid wall ISO shelter has passed International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) testing and has received official certification.  The Will-Burt Company’s Advanced Composites Division also offers composite tube manufacturing services and custom design capabilities.

Military Integration Services

Vehicle, Trailer and Shelter Elevation and Systems Integration

The Will-Burt Company engineers and integration specialists have the experience, knowledge and tools to successfully customize an integration solution for any vehicle, trailer or shelter. We also offer complete trailer integration solutions for a variety of platforms from military to commercial. A wide range of telescopic masts, portable telescopic towers, communications payloads, power sources and sensor systems can be integrated and optimized to provide the most efficient and seamless solution for your specialized needs.

Supported by a full line of tilt and gimbal systems, rapid metal and composites fabrication and a state-of-the-art paint line, an integration solution can go from design to manufacture to installation in a very short amount of time. Whether off-the-shelf or customized, The Will-Burt Company will deliver an integration solution that will meet the most complex requirements.

Military Trailers

Light and Medium-Weight Tactical Trailers

The Will-Burt Company’s Geroh Division family of Light and Medium-Weight Tactical Trailers is used by the German Army and other international forces to enhance mobility and logistics capabilities throughout the battlefield. These trailer systems are especially designed for missions involving extraordinary burdens in extreme and arduous terrain.

Geroh’s development department is able to fulfill the special requirements of military customers. Military specifications are met by delivering high-capacity standard solutions as well as special customized trailer systems.  Close cooperation with many international forces and procurement agencies makes it possible to define and to offer the best possible solutions. High payloads with low basic weights, maximum cross-country mobility, long life-expectancy and low maintenance requirements are the characteristics of all GEROH Tactical Trailers.

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