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Aeronautical and General Instruments Limited (AGI) is an established British company manufacturing a wide range of instruments and systems for the Defence and Civil markets worldwide. Since its foundation in 1915, AGI has built up a reputation for high quality, well engineered products, which employ electromechanical, electronic and electro-optic technologies. Innovative solutions to technically demanding problems are often an integral feature of the company’s designs. Often destined for continuous and critical use in harsh environments such as at sea, in the battlefield or at busy airport runways.

Shipborne Visual Landing Aids

The ability to safely operate and recover aircraft at sea in all weather conditions, during both day and night time operations, is essential to today’s modern Navy. AGI provide the most technically advanced solutions available to aid a safer recovery of aircraft on to the ship’s flight deck. The suite of equipment focuses on reducing the workload of the pilot and the ship’s aircraft handling crew to a minimum. All our lighting systems support the use of Night Vision Devices (NVD).

AGI`s suite of equipment may be used for any class of ship from a small frigate to an Aircraft Carrier and can comprise of any combination of the following items: Stabilised Glide Slope Indicator (SGSI), Stabilised Horizon Reference System (SHRS), Advanced LED Deck Edge and Superstructure Lighting, Stop / Go or Deck Status (Traffic Light) System, Wave Off Lights, Homing Beacon / Mast Head Obstruction Light, Complete Flight Deck Flood Lighting systems, Obstruction Lights, Glide-Slope and Long Range Line-Up Indicator System (GLIS), SHOL Display System (SHOLDS) and Landing Period Designator (LPD).

Shipborne Navigation and Meteorological Systems

AGILOG Electromagnetic Speed Log System’s international reputation stems from over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of ship’s log systems for over 40 other navies worldwide. Covering all classes of vessels – from nuclear and conventional submarines, aircraft carriers and frigates, to fast patrol boats, mine-hunters and fleet support ships. Designed and manufactured to military standards, AGILOG sets the standard for accurate and reliable measurement of ship’s speed through the water, an essential element in navigation and weapons system integration.

AGI’s Solid-State Meteorological Systems (AGIMET & MORIAH) uses the latest proven solid-state meteorological sensor technology specially designed for the marine environment to provide accurate measurement of wind speed and direction, temperature, pressure, humidity and other local environmental parameters.. The systems incorporate features to enhance wind measurement accuracy to aid safe flight operations and effectiveness of the weapons and decoy systems. Features such as automatic windward sensor selection and 360 degree wind correction ensure we provide the most accurate wind measurement systems on the market.

The Naval Ships Data Distribution System is designed to collect, process and prioritise a range of data for distribution on naval ships. The system has a flexible modular architecture and can therefore provide a cost effective solution for data distribution on various platforms from small patrol craft up to frigate classes. The Data Distribution System can range from a single central processor unit to multiple units, which may be deployed around the ship at different locations to suit the specific data integrity needs of the individual platform. The system features a new parallel processing concept providing very low data latency, which is independent of data traffic volume. In other words, the latency will not change as each output has its own dedicated processor. The parallel processing approach can offer 1 millisecond data latency.

Naval and Maritime Display Solutions

AGI provide a range of naval and maritime display solutions from full military grade Multi-Function Colour Repeaters (MFCR) to Maritime Panel Computers (MPC). The Multi-Function Colour Repeaters (MFCR) provides a high-resolution colour display suitable for complex graphics data, incorporating a built-in processor to process and display many navigation and meteorological parameters. The units are configurable during installation with either a fixed single page of data or multiple pages, thus providing initial as well as through-life cost savings. The Maritime Panel Computers (MPC) can be offered as a cost effective alternative to platforms which do not require qualification to full military standards. The units are designed and manufactured to the international recognised maritime standard IEC 60945 and are available with Linux or Windows operating systems to run either AGI navigation software or customer’s own application software. A range of customisable front panel soft keys are available and/or touch screen as an option.

Portable Tactical Approach Lighting Systems

Tactical Approach Lighting System (TALS) is a Man Portable, Battery Powered, Solid State, and Remotely Controlled Lighting System. The primary purpose of this system is to indicate Minimum Operating Strips (MOS), Tactical Landing Zones (TLZ), Forward Arming and Refuelling Points (FARPS), Drop Zones (DZ) and Pickup Zones (PZ). Each Light Unit has a range of light outputs, typically Red, Green, White and IR. The hand held radio control unit allows the user from a range of 5km to switch between different colours, brightness levels, flashing modes and Omni or restricted directional output. The Standard Off the Shelf System is fully NATO codified and has met rigorous Military Environmental and EMC testing standards, and is currently in active service throughout the world.

Gun Barrel Measurement and Care Systems

The AGI Gun Barrel Bore Gauges (BG10 & BG20) are electro-mechanical measuring devices that have been specifically designed to modernise and improve the inspection routines of medium to large calibre barrels. The systems provide fast and accurate measurement alleviating the need to remove the turret from the vehicle therefore keeping the operational down-time to a minimum. AGICAM, AGI’s Visual Camera Inspection System compliments the Bore Gauge systems. It is totally self-contained, allowing the user to easily view/record the condition of any barrel in the field. Completing AGI’s Total Barrel Care Solution is the Bore Cleaning System from Airnesco. Designed for easy one-man operation, no additional hand tools are necessary and it allows for rapid assembly and dismantling by using quick release couplings throughout.


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