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AGI supplies over 50 countries worldwide, manufacturing a wide variety of defence products and naval equipment. Founded in 1915, AGI has built up a reputation for high quality, well-engineered products that employ electronic, electromechanical and optical technologies. Its Naval products include Visual Landing Aids for Rotary, Fixed-Wing and Automated UAV Landing, as well as Meteorological and Navigational Systems. Its Aviation products include Civil and Military Portable Airfield Lighting, Safety OHM Meters and Weather Systems. AGI’s team of In Service Support Engineers provide the support services necessary throughout the life of the equipment, such as installation, commissioning, training and repairs.

Visual Landing Aids for Fixed Wing, Rotary and UAV Operations

The ability to safely operate and recover aircraft at sea in all weather conditions, during both day and night time operations, is essential to today’s modern Navy. AGI deliver technically advanced lighting solutions that support the safer recovery of aircraft on to manned and unmanned flight decks. The Visual Landing Aid lighting suite reduces pilot workload and also that of the ship based aircraft handling crew to a minimum. All our lighting systems support the use of Night Vision Devices (NVD).

AGI`s systems can be configured for use on any class of ship from an Offshore Patrol vessel to an Aircraft Carrier but would generally include a combination of the following items: Advanced Stabilised Glide Slope Indicator (ASGSI), Stabilised Horizon Reference System (SHRS), LED Combination and Low Profile Deck Lighting, Stop / Go or Deck Status (Traffic Light) System, Wave Off Lights, Homing Beacon / Mast Head Obstruction Light, Complete Flight Deck Flood Lighting systems, Obstruction Lights, Glide-Slope and Long Range Line-Up Indicator System (GLIS) and Landing Period Designator (LPD).

AGI’s Combination Deck Lights can incorporate a localised GPS system which, when working in conjunction with the DeckFinderTM airborne segment, is capable of positioning and auto-landing UAV’s on the flight deck.

Shipborne Navigation and Meteorological Systems

AGILOG2 Electromagnetic Speed Log System’s international reputation stems from over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of ship’s log systems with over 530 systems sold to over 40 navies worldwide. Covering all classes of vessels – from nuclear and conventional submarines, aircraft carriers and frigates, to fast patrol boats, mine-hunters and fleet support ships. Designed and manufactured to military standards, AGILOG2 sets the standard for accurate and reliable measurement of ship’s speed through the water, an essential element in navigation and weapons system integration.

AGI’s Solid-State Meteorological Systems (AGIMET & MORIAH) uses the latest proven solid-state meteorological sensor technology specially designed for the marine environment to provide accurate measurement of wind speed and direction, temperature, pressure, humidity and other local environmental parameters. The systems incorporate features to enhance wind measurement accuracy to aid safe flight operations and effectiveness of the weapons and decoy systems. Features such as automatic windward sensor selection and 360 degree wind correction make these the most accurate wind measurement systems on the market.

A Ships Helicopter Operational Limit System (SHOLDS) creates a real-time, dynamic display of the relative wind, sea state, pitch and roll measured by the ship’s on-board meteorological system. The system removes the need to manually plot information, therefore minimising workload and decreasing manning levels whilst providing accurate information to enable aircraft to land safely on deck. SHOLDS can be used on its own or as part of the wider AGIMET and MORIAH systems.

Gun Barrel Measurement and Care Systems

The AGI Gun Barrel Bore Gauges (BG10 & BG20) are electro-mechanical measuring devices that have been specifically designed to modernise and improve the inspection routines of medium to large calibre barrels. The systems provide fast and accurate measurement alleviating the need to remove the turret from the vehicle therefore keeping the operational down-time to a minimum. AGI’s Visual Camera Inspection System (AGICAM) compliments the Bore Gauge systems. It is totally self-contained, allowing the user to easily view/record the condition of any barrel in the field.




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