Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S

Noise and Vibration Test and Measurement Solutions

A world-leading provider of advanced noise and vibration test and measurement solutions for operational, production and R&D applications.

Brüel & Kjær specialises in systems that ensure structural reliability, performance and optimal design, and that manage the acoustics of military equipment and vehicles for air, space, ground and underwater use.

Complete Systems from One Partner

Covering the entire measurement chain for comprehensive noise and vibration testing, Brüel & Kjær offers complete systems from one partner.

• Transducers
• Acquisition hardware
• Vibration shaker systems
• Analysis software
• Final documentation and reporting

Acoustic Stealth

Systems to assess acoustic stealth of vehicles such as submarines, surface ships and UAVs.

• Noise source investigation during design and build
• Self-monitoring during operation
• Noise footprint analysis
• Noise source identification
• 3D noise mapping
• Underwater acoustic ranging

Durability Testing Systems

Proving reliability, integrity and durability for machinery, vehicles, ballistic devices and more, with complete durability testing systems.

• Accelerated lifetime vibration testing
• Fatigue testing
• Climatic simulation
• Package testing

Engine and Gearbox Monitoring

Stringent engine and gearbox monitoring through vibration analysis of machinery.

• Test-cell applications and on-ground checks
• Balancing
• Vibration diagnostics using real-time analysis
• HUMS transducers

Structural Dynamics - Analysing Structures

Characterising and optimising the performance of structures through structural dynamics analysis.

• Controlled excitation testing
• Classical and Operational Modal Analysis
• Operational monitoring, testing and troubleshooting
• Virtual model validation
• Operational Deflection Shapes

Environmental Noise Impact Testing and Monitoring

Testing and reducing environmental noise impact on armed forces personnel and local communities.
• Occupational health
• Helmet/cabin/cockpit noise assessment
• Human acoustic and vibration monitoring
• Urban, airport, industrial and construction noise monitoring
• Vehicle noise mapping

Established Experience

Brüel & Kjær has over six decades’ established experience of providing innovative solutions for noise and vibration testing.

• More than 90 sales offices in 55 countries
• 12 accredited calibration centres
• R&D engineers in Denmark, UK, USA and India

Brüel & Kjær has the only true global service organisation within sound and vibration


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