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Molecular Products is a global leader in chemical technologies for the removal of carbon dioxide, the generation of oxygen and the filtration of hazardous or harmful emissions.

Globally, Molecular Products supplies a large number of the world’s Navies with products to maintain a breathable atmosphere in submarines, by removing carbon dioxide and generating oxygen. Oxygen production is achieved by a full range of oxygen generators which are stored on submarines for use during maintenance of the central oxygen generation system or when additional oxygen is required.

Molecular Products’ life support technologies extend into CBRN filtration, with the manufacture of leading edge adsorbents for the removal of airborne contaminants, including TICs and TIMs, for both personal and collective protective equipment.

The latest product to be launched by Molecular Products is an innovative new portable, rugged oxygen generator - the ROG. The ROG is an emergency medical grade O2 supply for treatment of casualties at the point of injury. Un-pressurised and non-explosive, the ROG is designed for pre-hospital care in demanding environments.

Other key products areas and markets are: carbon dioxide absorbers for anaesthesia machines in healthcare; CO2 scrubber material for commercial and recreational diving; carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide absorbers for mining and industrial safety.

Molecular Products is a privately owned business with direct subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia. Founded in 1924, the company has shown consistent growth through acquisitions and on-going investment in research and development. A highly skilled work force liaising closely with customers around the world has helped establish Molecular Products as a global leader in its field.

ROG - Medical Oxygen Generator


The ROG is an innovative medical oxygen generator designed for medevac via air, sea and ground-based medical support teams.

  • Delivers medical grade O2
  • Unpressurised and non-explosive
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Resistant to extremes of temperature
  • No maintenance, electricity, mixing or filling
  • Live fire, shock and drop tested
  • Rugged in design to withstand demanding operational rescue environments
  • Cool Touch technology

The ROG is a rugged oxygen generator that gives immediate access to a lifesaving oxygen supply. Designed for pre-hospital casualty care in demanding environments, the ROG is an innovative development in medical technology that will help increase survivability of defence and security forces.

In austere environments, the ROG enables patients to be oxygenated at the point of injury via a safe, reliable and non-explosive source. Small and light enough to be carried in a medical bag, the ROG does not require any maintenance, electricity, mixing or filling. Rugged in design, the ROG is portable, strong, durable and able to withstand robust use in rough terrain or confined spaces.

Unlike compressed medical oxygen cylinders, the ROG can be exposed to extremes of temperatures, operated in any orientation and has an extensive shelf life.

Activated Carbon Adsorbents


Molecular Products’ Chemsorb line of products is an outstanding choice for many critical filtration applications requiring activated carbon filtration media including:

  • NIOSH or EN qualified respirator cartridges
  • CBRN protection
  • Collective protection equipment
  • General air filtration
  • Toxic Industrial Chemical and Toxic Industrial Material (TIC and TIM) filtration
  • Organic vapour, acid gas and amine removal
  • Ammonia filtration
  • Formaldehyde gas removal, mercury removal
  • Non-woven activated carbon filter manufacture

Molecular Products manufactures highly efficient adsorbents for most gases that are not readily adsorbed by un-impregnated activated carbon. The proprietary reagents used to impregnate these high activity carbons have shown superior results for the adsorption of specific airborne contaminants.

For acid gases such as sulphur dioxide, chlorine, and hydrogen sulphide, Chemsorb 1202 is unsurpassed in performance and safety of use. Chemsorb 620 and Chemsorb 1425 are designed for removal of ammonia and organic amines. For formaldehyde removal, Chemsorb 1505 is the most effective adsorbent on the market today. Molecular Products can also develop and manufacture impregnated carbons to fit custom specifications.

MPOG (Multi-Purpose Oxygen Generators)


The MPOG (Multi-Purpose Oxygen Generator) and EO2-30 provide a safe supply of oxygen for critical life support and revitalisation in submarines and safe havens.

Both the MilSpec MPOG and EO2-30:

  • use a phosphorous match initiator mechanism that is both easy to use and easy to source
  • are in service with NATO navies across the globe
  • have a 10 year shelf life with no maintenance requirements
  • have been shock and vibration tested to meet the requirements of a submarine environment
  • are safer compared to pressurised and liquid oxygen systems
  • give 380 litres of breathable oxygen per litre of storage space
  • can be deployed in less than a minute

The MilSpec MPOG and EO2-30 use sodium chlorate technology to safely provide >98% purity. As a method of storing oxygen, sodium chlorate is roughly eight times more efficient than compressed air and twice as efficient as compressed oxygen.

Dive Grade Carbon Dioxide Absorbent


Military diving and submarine grade Sofnolime is a carbon dioxide absorbent, optimised for the removal of carbon dioxide from rebreathable gas in diving absorbers and submarines.

Dive grade scrubber material ensuring a safe, breathable air supply is maintained in closed circuit systems. It is optimised for the removal of carbon dioxide from recirculated air / nitrox / trimix in rebreathers and saturation dive systems. Specific benefits to the diver include:

  • High intrinsic carbon dioxide capacity
  • Low dust formation
  • Optimum performance contributing to a safer, longer dive

Three grades are available: D, L and S. The main differences between the three grades are particle size, shape, moisture content and testing regime. These grades also have differing absorption characteristics under various environmental conditions.

Hi-Cap Absorber


The Hi-Cap is a large scale absorber with proven capabilities for CO2 and CO absorption in life critical applications such as submarines.

The absorber design provides the increased use efficiency intrinsic to the larger scale absorber unit. It also provides a package that is easily handled and stores efficiently for long periods of time without degradation of performance or requiring any maintenance. The materials used are all long term compatible with the absorber.

The weight of the unit is designed to be within the handling capability of the target users. The units are built of high grade polypropylene plastics that do not contain additives likely to give rise to highly toxic fumes associated with some inhibited materials. The units are sealed with a clip top and bottom, to ensure long storage life protection from environmental contamination as well as keeping the contents fresh.

CASPA (Carbon Dioxide Self Powered Absorber)


The CASPA (Carbon Dioxide Self Powered Absorber) is a self-contained carbon dioxide absorption unit intended for the removal of respired CO2 in a confined space. The unit combines hi-tech battery and fan components with a carefully designed, volumetrically efficient, CO2 absorption material. The units are supplied with removable seals to ensure storage life in survival chambers. No annual maintenance or service interventions are required.


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