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AirBorn has been manufacturing high reliability interconnect systems for over 60 years with leading-edge, innovative technology that is more reliable and better performing than practically all other alternatives.

Founded in 1958, AirBorn began producing electronic connectors for the military and aerospace industries. Growing a business takes drive, passion and determination.  Today, we are proud to be well-known as a highly-diversified manufacturing company employing roughly 1,400 people worldwide in nine plants with over 300,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, so we are poised to provide you with the latest in AirBorn technology.

Military Interconnect Systems

Our advanced technologies, experienced design support, incomparable lead times and personalized customer service provide customers with complete solutions to a vast array of highly specialized design requirements in diverse markets and applications.

Our quality and commitment to our customers requires us to meet the highest standards of testing and certification to ensure high reliability under the extreme environmental conditions at 30,000 feet and beyond found in the Aerospace environment.

Innovative Interconnect Solutions

Providing support to the defense industry requires, top-quality products for mission-critical applications and industry-leading companies like NASA, Raytheon, Thales and Lockheed-Martin have come to rely on the quality and reliability of our innovative interconnect solutions to ensure their systems work in the most harsh and demanding environments.

Space programs supported include SBIRS, GOES-R, Globalstar, Swarm, New Horizon Space Probe, Mars Lander, Mars Rover, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and the International Space Station.

Over the years, our customer base has expanded to include commercial applications in fields such as medical technology and geophysical exploration.

Military Cable and Wiring Harnesses

AirBorn will also design and assemble cable and wiring harnesses for your custom interconnect requirement, including:

  • Discrete wire harnesses – simple 2-wire to complex with PCB integration
  • Multi-connector cables
  • Over-molded cables
  • RF cabling
  • Ribbon cables (jacketed and shielded)
  • Fiber optics
  • Poly-tube harnesses

We use the phrase "value-added service" to describe our approach to providing our customers with a complete solution that matches their needs and requirements.

In some cases, this means supplying customers with one of our highly reliable standard connector products.  In others, it means supplying our customers with a complete chassis, or "box," that performs the function the customer desires.   To provide our customer with the best possible service, we offer turnkey solutions including:

Custom Electronically-integrated Solutions

In short, AirBorn is ONE company that can provide you with a complete, electronically-integrated solution.

We believe our team of engineers are the most innovative and committed you will find in the industry today. If your part can be manufactured faster, stronger, or more efficiently, our design team will find a way to make it happen. AirBorn designs and builds all the tooling (including stamping tools, molding tools, and automation equipment), so that we are able to offer our customers a complete connector. Our designers and engineers work closely with the customer to determine part orientation, how the part will be carried, and if automation assembly will be used.

When you’re ready to prototype your part, we’re ready for you. Our ability to efficiently produce the first generation of your part, as well as the large production runs saves you time and money. We can often have a prototype run of small quantities of parts available in two to three weeks.

We have developed a team of the most experienced and innovative craftsmen in the industry. When your tooling is designed and built within our in-house tool room, you can be assured the quality you see on the first run will be the same throughout the life of your product.

AirBorn is bridging the gap between tomorrow’s technologies and today’s expectations. We are committed to the future of manufacturing with the introduction of leading-edge automation in both production and assembly.

Whether our customers require plastic injection, insert, or reel-to-reel-molding, we meet their varied needs with our wide-ranging expertise. AirBorn uses closed-loop molding machines ranging from 30 to 50 tons with shot sizes as small as 0.4 ounces. Our injection molding department work with most thermoplastic materials, and are capable of manufacturing products with extremely tight tolerances and dimensional needs.

AirBorn has gathered many years of customer feedback through on-site visits with key customers and through submissions on its website, and AirBorn has converted this customer feedback into a world-class website that addresses key customer needs in a simple and easy-to-use format.


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