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CQB/CQC Training.

4GD are redefining the future of immersive CQB/CQC training.  We specialise in using the most cutting-edge technologies to close the gap between operational reality and user experience during training.  Our technology drives operator performance by increasing levels of realism and providing scalable complexity, all whilst being more intuitive for the user.

From our combined experience in the Royal Marines and UK's Airborne Forces, we recognise the effect technology has had making the battlefield more complex than ever.  At the same time, we have directly seen how it has increased the impact of decisions made at the tactical level. 

Our mission, therefore, is to deliver high quality systems that allow you to: make targeted improvement to your team and individual performance; enhance your ability to respond to varying complex situation; and build battle winning performance.  We do this whilst ensuring that training is as true to operations as possible and that you are able to train how you fight. 

Close Combat Simulation Solutions

We are already achieving this mission and optimising performance in elite units in both the USA & UK.

4GD SmartFacilityTM

“We shape our buildings, afterwards our buildings shape us.” – Winston Churchill

The 4GD SmartFacilityTM is the world’s most technically advanced CQB/CQC house.  It delivers a high-tech, immersive and adaptable close combat simulation solution.  An aggregation of four core products, each element has been specifically selected and optimised to deliver the ultimate user experience. Combined, these systems comprise a realistic, reconfigurable SmartFacilityTM that delivers positive feedback to the user.

Moreover, although all levels are designed to be delivered together, we recognise that often a user’s requirements differ.  A such, we will work with the user to meet their exact requirement at the point of need.

  • Level 1 - SimWallTM.  The core of our facilities is SimWallTM, a rapidly reconfigurable, non-ballistic modular panel system.  Easily repurposed for a specific mission or training objective, this capability trains mental agility by providing an ever-changing CQB/CQC training environment.
  • Level 2 - 4GAVTM.  Using a combination of smoke, light (White/Colour/IR), sound and smell, the user is immersed in a high-fidelity combat simulation.  This interactive special-effects system, controlled by our intuitive user interface, delivers either sensor-activated & reactive, or, instructor-initiated effects.  This greatly increases realism and pressure to enhance a soldier’s management of cognitive overload.  In addition, 4GD’s video monitoring system facilitates real-time, and after-action, review.  Viewed and controlled through our intuitive dual tablet display, it removes instructor burden and allows units to train collectively.         
  • Level 3 - ProTarget.  4GD’s ProTarget is wirelessly linked to 4GAVTM, can be placed anywhere in a facility and automatically reacts to a user’s actions.  Alternately the ProTarget’s responses can be controlled by an instructor.  This offers unprecedented feedback and facilitates demanding judgemental training.
  • Level 4 - eXtended Reality (XR).  At Level 4 the 4GD SmartFacilityTM blends virtual and physical reality to enhance complexity and further challenge commanders.  We use this blended approach to simulate complex combined arms operations in the 4GD SmartFactilityTM.

4GD Deployable SmartFacilityTM

At Level 1, the 4GD SmartFacilityTM can be containerised for deployment.  This gives operators’ the ability to conduct intelligence led mission rehearsal, in theatre, maintain readiness while deployed or, deliver high quality CQB/CQC partner force training.



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