Critical Solutions International (CSI)

Founded in 1999, Critical Solutions International (CSI) is the leading route clearance and C-IED systems integrator within the defense industry.

CSI is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina and prides itself as being the exclusive provider of the Husky route clearance vehicle platform to the United States Army, the United States Marine Corps, and almost a dozen international and allied military customers. The Husky has been combat-proven in thousands of blast events and has established itself as the most durable, survivable wheeled vehicle in the world.

Critical Solutions International - Leader In Route Clearance - Countermine and non-conventional explosive detection

With nearly three-quarters of its staff comprised of military veterans, CSI has built upon decades of route clearance and counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) experience to develop and deliver a complete product portfolio that spans the entire security spectrum including protected payload delivery vehicles, unmanned robotic systems, unique sensors, demining platforms, and scalable demolitions. Maintaining a focused and customized business portfolio, CSI is capable of providing customers with survivability, detection, neutralization, interrogation, and security, all while effectively protecting the client’s critical infrastructure. CSI achieves this through an experienced team of engineers, project managers, and training development professionals that focus on providing customized solutions to each customer’s unique requirements in dynamic and austere environments.

Critical Solutions International - Husky Route Clearance Platform - The Most Survivable Vehicle On The Battlefield

Built on the combat proven design that’s been saving lives since the early 1980’s, the Husky is by far the most blast-survivable vehicle in the world today. With over five hundred vehicles deployed across several of the world’s most volatile combat zones, there is no other platform that allows soldiers to execute dangerous route clearance missions with such confidence.

Operator survivability is achieved through the Husky’s exaggerated V-shaped hull and frangible design. Together, with the personal safety components inside the cab, these design features deflect and shield the driver from the worst impacts of an IED blast. In addition to survivability, the frangibility also allows the Husky to break apart in a predictable manner, making it very easy to repair. In the unfortunate event that the Husky experiences a sub-surface detonation, it can be repaired on site with the tow-behind parts kit in a matter of hours, and allowed to continue mission.

As the threats facing the warfighter have evolved, so has the equipment. Sophisticated high sensitivity detectors, ground penetrating radar, and video surveillance equipment have now been operationalized, creating the need for a second operator. The addition of a second operator allows the driver to focus on vehicle control, while the commander monitors and analyzes the sensor systems and environment.

Characterized by its ability to adjust to the ever-evolving threats that are encountered while conducting route clearance missions; the Husky is designed to be a completely scalable platform. It’s able to accept a vast number of attachments to include the following:

  • 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • M20 Interrogation Arm
  • RC – Pack (semi-autonomous, remote operation package)
  • RPG net
  • OWL 360 cameras
  • Remote Weapons Station

Critical Solutions International - Bandolier Multi-Purpose Lightweight Explosive Charge

CSI is proud to put the latest in explosive technology into the arsenal of the individual operator. The Bandolier is a modern, terrain-conforming explosive charge that is designed to accomplish any explosive-based task the operator may encounter during their missions. This pre-packaged charge can be carried directly on the individual person’s kit and employed immediately using and standard commercial or military initiator. Its versatility is truly unmatched.

It’s non-frangible design is purpose driven to provide maximum safety to both the operator and any non-combatants who may be in the vicinity of the blast. Designed to be scaled both up or down based on the task at hand, the bandolier can be used to breach all types of doors and walls of various construction, breach roofs for dynamic entry, cut steel, tear through reinforced concrete, clear openings in triple-strand concertina wire, clear standing timber for LZs, improved cratering charges, underwater demolitions, and virtually anything the operator’s imagination can think of. The Bandolier is the simple, lightweight solution to tackling any explosive-driven obstacle you may encounter.


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