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Our military members deal with many dangers each day. They work around the clock patrolling the streets and countryside, keeping vehicles and aircraft in top working order, and participating in drills and warfare. Often they are required to preform these and many other duties in foreign climates and extreme heat.


High Temperatures and Heat Stress

Research has shown sustained high temperatures can lead to less than ideal work environments where heat stress can lower performance levels, reduce morale, and impair mental alertness. Ultimately, these factors can increase the risk of accidents and compromise personnel readiness.

Along with the mental impairments heat stress can cause the human body, there are several serious physical conditions it can inflict as well. When the body’s normal mechanisms for dealing with heat stress – sweating and temperature control – are lost, severe and potentially life-threatening heatstroke can occur. The main sign of heatstroke is a markedly elevated body temperature (generally greater than 104°F or 40°C). Victims can also experience changes in mental status, which can range from personality changes to confusion and even coma. The victim’s skin may be hot and dry; however, if heatstroke is caused by exertion the skin may be moist.


To avoid heat stress, experts recommend spot cooling and periods of rest in a cool area during physical exertion.

Weighing the Drawbacks of Typical Cooling Methods

Traditionally, air conditioning (A/C) is a go-to cooling method.  However, in large open spaces, the first impediment is the inability to close the space off and seal in air to achieve maximum cooling. Areas where outside doors will be open allow air to escape and render A/C an impractical solution.  Another drawback is air conditioners require compressors and a place to ventilate the heat generated from the compressor. This limits the mobility of an A/C unit given the fixed-ductwork and adds another point of heat generation. Harsh refrigerants and energy consumption are other downfalls. Refrigerants are an integral part of air conditioning systems to emit cool air, and A/C can pull a great deal of energy that translates to more energy expense.

Fans – both oscillating and ceiling options – seem like a quick, inexpensive fix to cooling. However, fans simply circulate stagnate air throughout the space. The air is not chilled in any capacity and cannot reach all areas of the large space to be cooled. In fact, industrial ceiling fans seem to be particularly more effective in the winter to improve heating operations by giving airflow to warm air.

Port-A-Cool Evaporative Coolers

The convenience and portability of Port-A-Cool evaporative cooling units makes them a perfect fit for use in airplane hangers, machine shops, engineering facilities, gymnasiums, cafeterias, gun ranges, barracks and many other locations. Port-A-Cool units do not require chemicals, special outlets, set up, or installation. The units come fully assembled and will only require a standard electrical outlet and a supply of tap water.


A Port-A-Cool evaporative cooler actually works with a supply of outside ambient air to deliver a temperature reduction by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the humidity. It should be noted, however, that even in the highest humidity regions, temperature drops can occur because as the temperature rises, humidity levels go down.

The technology at the center of an evaporative cooling system is the cellulose pad that collects water. Air passes through the pads and is cooled as the water evaporates. The cellulose pad material is specially treated to prevent rot as well as ensure a long service life. A special water distribution system spreads water over the surface of the pad within the cooling unit to ensure a uniform water supply.  This keeps the entire air-contact surface of the pad thoroughly wet. A control system operates the water pump and distributes the cool air.

Port-A-Cool portable evaporative coolers from Port-A-Cool, LLC provide a natural, highly-effective cooling alternative to fans and air conditioners. Port-A-Cool evaporative cooling products utilize the all-natural evaporative cooling process to cool temperatures by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This evaporative cooling process is perfected by the state-of-the-art technology in the company’s KÜÜL® pads. KÜÜL pads, manufactured in the USA, are the high-efficiency rigid cooling media that make all the difference in providing advanced evaporative cooling. Testing has proven KÜÜL pads to perform at superior levels for highest tensile, dry crush, and wet crush strengths per square inch.


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