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RUD Chains Ltd – Manufacturer of High Quality Round Steel Link Chains for Lifting, Lashing, Snow and Off Road Applications

RUD Chains Ltd is a subsidiary of RUD Ketten in Germany. RUD’s state-of-the-art production facility located in Aalen Germany, was founded in 1875 and has been manufacturing high quality round steel link chains for lifting, lashing, conveying, tyre protection, as well as, snow and off-road applications for over 130 years.


The RUD production facility is regarded as one of the most modern chain producing facilities in the world. RUD is ISO 9001 certified and is renowned for it's expertise in heat treatment methods - delivering high performance chain products to suit the most demanding military applications. Almost 500 national and international protective clauses are the evidence for our progress. Developed from a small chain forging company, RUD has stood the test of time to become a global player with approximately 1100 motivated employees and seven subsidiaries around the world.

RUD Believe in Continuous Research & Development

The well established brand name RUD stands for QUALITY, INNOVATION and KNOW HOW. Continuous research and development have enabled us not only to produce products meeting the highest expectations, but also with consistent quality standards. Experience, diligence, ambition and passion are the virtues we manifest in order to remain favourite for our customers.

Military Load Securing, Overhead Lifting and Traction Solutions

RUD’s specialty is in providing our customers with highly-engineered standard and special solutions when presented with load securing, overhead lifting and traction problems. Our standard products and unique solutions are used in a number of military applications world-wide and continue to perform under the most extreme and challenging conditions.


RUD – Lifting and Lashing Points for Military Vehicles and Equipment

RUD Chains Ltd. vast product range includes Lifting and Lashing points, Lifting and Lashing systems, Eyebolts, Calibrated Chain and components, Specialist Devices, Elevator and Conveyor equipment. RUD Chains Ltd. has been an approved supplier to the MoD for many years. We have recently produced our ICE system which is a Grade 120 system. RUD have also supplied a Universal Sling System for the US and Canadian Forces for Lifting Turrets, Power Packs, Engines and Gearboxes. We have manufactured and supplied to the MoD and Prime Contractors, Lifting Beams, Helicopter Underslung Load Equipment (HUSLE), Tow bars and Recovery equipment.

RUD has supplied MoD and Prime contractors such as HICC IPT, GSV IPT, SUV IPT, BAe, ALC, Supacat, MAN, Andover Trailers, King Vehicle Engineering, Ricardo, Dytecna and Iveco with various different products.

Land, Sea or Air

On land, sea and in the air, RUD Military Technology is meeting the specific needs of the world’s defence forces.

With the above virtues in mind, RUD has successfully entered a new century with the trust and satisfaction of our customers as our prime objectives for the future.



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