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Soft Walled Military Shelter Systems and Technology

DHS Systems International is a subsidiary of DHS Technologies LLC, serving as the global provider of soft walled shelter technology.

For more than 25 years, DHS Technologies and its subsidiaries have been leaders of mobile infrastructure technology – aiding military, medical, government and civilian agencies around the globe. Through continued ingenuity, DHS Systems International commits to developing the best products for its customers.


Among the many products available through DHS is the company’s core product, the Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH). DRASH is a quick set-up/strike soft walled shelter specifically designed for mobility and rapid deployment.  DRASH Shelters come in a variety of makes and models, fulfilling the diverse needs of its customers.

DHS also offers Utility Support Trailers (UST), DRASH Accessories and other technology for use in conjunction with the DRASH Shelter Systems.

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Featured Products:

J Series Side Mounted Large Screen Display Systems

This quarter’s featured product is the J Series Side Mounted Large Screen Display System. It is the newest addition to the DRASH Deployable Command and Control Equipment.


The purpose of the J Series Side Mounted Large Screen Display System is to increase mobility throughout DRASH shelters by eliminating the need to set up DC2E along the shelters' width. Instead, the new Side Display System posts on the shelters' length. Such a design enables personnel and equipment to move freely throughout the length of a DRASH shelter without restriction. The new design also allows military personnel to connect various shelters as needed to increase the size of the overall system.

Rapid Military Deployable Shelter Systems

DRASH Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters are the epitome of quick and efficient soft walled technology. Superior protective elements and reliable features are what make these shelters so functional and unique. All shelters are rapidly deployable and structured with an advanced, highly flexible composite material called Titanite®. The shelter’s frame is comprised of pairs of Titanite® struts that connect at key points in the framework called hubs. These hubs allow for rapid deployment, as they enable the entire shelter to be pushed up and out swiftly without additional assembly.  The shelter comes pre-attached with a double layer of Xytex, a high-tech fabric that provides insulation from hot and cold temperatures.  The specially coated fabric is fire retardant, water repellant and resistant to mildew, abrasion and ultraviolet rays.


DRASH Shelters come in a variety of sizes and divide into separate categories according to their width.  Beginning with the smallest C Series shelter, at 109 square ft. (2.3 meters) and ending with the largest J Series shelter, at 1,250 square ft. (116 meters), the range in size accommodates a diversity of client needs.  In addition, every shelter is easily connectable to any other shelter regardless of the series or model.
A key component to the DRASH Shelter System is the Utility Support Trailer (UST).  A UST is an integrated support system designed to provide mobility, power and or environmental control for all DRASH shelters.  USTs come in various models, tailoring to the energy needs of every mission. Depending on the model, a UST comes equipped with a generator and/or ECU. Models that are equipped with ECUs enable the shelters to function in harsh climates. Some trailers incorporate a new energy efficient Intelligent Power Technology (IPT), while other trailers have traditional analog systems.  All trailers are operable in rough terrain, and are easily towable by military vehicles.    
Every element within a DRASH Shelter System has undergone rigorous testing to meet all Military Standard Requirements.

Intelligent Power Technology™ - IPT

Interconnectable Trailer-Mounted Generators

Intelligent Power Technology (IPT) is a reflection of DHS’s effort toward creating energy efficient products. The DRASH IPT enables users to interconnect various trailer-mounted generators to form a micro grid of networked power.


When activated, each generator responds to real time power demands. The system is self-adjusting but users have the ability to monitor activity from inside the Tactical Operations Center.  Because IPT responds to the user’s power needs, it eliminates wasted energy expenditure in unoccupied areas of the shelter. Having, IPT reduces unused energy, which ultimately minimizes unnecessary fuel costs.

Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E)

DRASH Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E) encompasses projector systems, audio visual switching systems and system accessories , all designed to facilitate information management on the battlefield. 


DC2E equipment is portable and lightweight so setting up and dismantling requires minimal time and few personnel.  Front/Rear Projection Systems are available with Medium, Large, and now Side Mounted Screen Displays. Audio Visual Systems include Mini, Small, Medium and Large variants.  An Intelligent Data Distribution System, Microphone System, Clock System, IPT Remote Monitor and Tactical Utility Field Furniture are additional accessories that complete the DC2E line.


DRASH Accessories enhance the client’s experience within a DRASH Shelter. 


All accessories allow for easy installment so military personnel can perform assembly without outside guidance. However, DRASH field representatives are available for onsite support should one require it.
DRASH Accessories include the following items:

  • D- 1000B Heater
  • DrashLite
  • DRASH Boot
  • Shelter Anchor Bag
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • Shelter Electrical Kit
  • Trailer Deployment Package
  • Shelter Spare Parts Kit
  • Connector Sets
  • Extreme Weather Kit
  • Plenum
  • Turf Cart
  • Hard Door


DHS Systems International provides solutions to address the varying missions and requirements relevant to today’s military and first responders.


That is why DHS continues to research and develop new applications for its products.  Among the many possible footprints, the applications listed below are the most prevalent:

  • Command and Control
  • Medical
  • Life Support Areas
  • Maintenance
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Shelter Systems
  • Satellite Support Systems
  • Homeland Response Force
  • Mortuary


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