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With more than 31 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of specialized cooling and water systems, the Snowbird Technologies brand is synonymous with innovative solutions for extreme environments. Today, Snowbird offers a range of custom- built environmental control units, air water generators, and now the impressive SAMM Tech 3D printer platform providing support for users in military and industrial markets around the world.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to protect both people and equipment from the most intolerable conditions around the globe. Our cutting-edge technology will go the distance, no matter the environment.”

Our Products

Environmental Control Units (ECUs)

Snowbird Technologies offers a range of environmental control system configurations ranging from 9,000 BTU to 240,000 BTU. These units provide heating and cooling options and are fully customizable to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

Heat Pump ECUs
ModelA/E32C-45A|36KBTU/HR Heat PumpR-134A Refrigerant / 208V/50-60HZ/3P

  • Vertical, compact, lightweight self-contained unit in a weatherproof aluminum case with built-in heat pump to provide capacity heat-cool environmental control. This unit will control the temperature from 7° C to 32° C (45° F to 90° F) in ambient temperatures of -32° C to 52° C (-25° F to 125° F).

  •  Ozone friendly

  • ModelA/E32C-48A|60KBTU/HRHeatPumpR134ARefrigerant

  • 208V/50-60HZ/3P

Vertical, compact, lightweight self-contained unit in a weatherproof aluminum case with a built-in heat pump to provide high-capacity heat-cool environmental control. This unit will control the temperature from 7° C to 32° C (45° F to 90° F) in ambient temperatures of -32° C to 52° C (-25° F to 125° F).

Horizontal Units
Highperformance commercial HVAC horizontal units for rapid deployment, trailer-mounted generator sets, fixed or soft walled shelters, and personnel and sensitive component environmental control

  • Model S18K-LW-1 | 18K BTU of cooling/heating capacity of 13,400 BTU nominal

  • Model S9160-18KH-3 | 18K BTU/HR ECU R407C Refrigerant 208V/50-60HZ/3PH

  • Model S915-18KH-1 | 18K BTU/HR ECU R407C Refrigerant 230V/50-60HZ/1P

  • Model ERUSA-24KH-R134A | 24K BTU/HR ECU R134A Refrigerant 208V/50-60HZ/3P

  • Model H-36-ST410A-100 | 3-Ton/36,000 BTU/HR Cooling R410A

  • Model LCAC-33KH-1 | 208V/400HZ/3PH

  • Model S9500-36KH-1 | 36K BTU/HR ECU R407C Refrigerant 208V/50-60HZ/3PH

  • Model S60K-134A/D2 | 60K BTU/HR ECU R134-A Refrigerant 208V/60HZ/3P

  • Model S8450-9KH-1 | 9K BTU/HR ECU R407C Refrigerant 115V/50-60HZ/1P

Split System
ModelS7.5-E/C-134A-1 | 7.5 BTU Split Unit

  • The HPA ECU is a ruggedized, MIL-SPEC solution for harsh environmental conditions found in many locations around the world. The HPA ECU is designed to provide high power amplifiers the ability to control their operational environment through the introduction of closed-loop cooling to the HPA.


  • Model SH12K-R134A-B|12K BTU/HRECUR134-A Refrigerant 208V/50-60HZ/3PH
  • Model S18K-LW-1|18KBTU of cooling/heating capacity of 13,400 BTU nominal
  • Model S9160-18KH-3|18K BTU/HRECUR407C Refrigerant 208V/50-60HZ/3PH
  • Model S9150-18KH-1|18K BTU/HRECUR407C Refrigerant 230V/50-60HZ/1P
  • Model ERUSA-24KH-R134A|24K BTU/HRECUR134A Refrigerant 208V/50-60HZ/3P
  • Model H-36-ST410A-100|3-Ton/36KBTU/HR cooling–R410A
  • Model LCAC-33KH-1|33K BTU/HRECUR22 Refrigerant 208V/400HZ/3PH
  • Model S9500-36KH-1|36K BTU/HRECUR407C Refrigerant 208V/50-60HZ/3PH
  • ModelS8450-9KH-1|115V/50-60HZ/1P

Vertical Units
Model2559AS400-407C-1-V2|120KBTUCooling/Heating 68,242.84 BTU Nomical

  • Lightweight, self-contained HVAC unit manufactured in a weather-resistant case designed to provide high-capacity heating/cooling for environmental control. This ruggedized ECU will operate in extreme ambient conditions of -29° C to 54° C (-20° F to 130° F) with operational interior conditions of 18° C to 29° C (65° F to 85° F).

  • This product line of ECU is designed to function as a standalone product or in a redundancy operational mode utilizing fiberoptic control with human interface panel.

Air Water Generators (AWGs)

Snowbird Technologies Air Water Generators provide drinking water to those in need when traditional means of water production and purification are not viable options. AWGs are available in a range of configurations and mobile platforms such as vehicle or trailer-mounted and can be accompanied by an ECU and generator system for a turnkey solution.

  • SAWG-28 – Small air water generator producing 28-gal/day
  • SAWG-14 – small air water generator producing 14-gal/day
  • SAWG-T – Small air water generator in trailer-mounted configuration (indevelopment)

Snowbird Additive Mobile Manufacturing Technology (SAMM Tech)

SAMM Tech is a patented, containerized, end-to-end large format 3D printer built into standard ISO shipping containers. The system features a metal wire-directed energy deposition (DED) 3D printer and a cutting mill for post-processing, enabling parts to be finished. SAMM Tech allows for the complete production of large metal and plastic parts for in-the-field replacement and repairs. This system will revolutionize military parts procurement and logistics.

SAMM Tech is customizable to fit a range of specifications. Users can select from the following:

  • Metal,PlasticorDualProduction
  • Milling,Routing,orNone
  • ShippingContainerLength
  • ShippingContainerHeigh–StandardorHighCube


  • Systems and Housing Climate Control
  • Water production and purification
  • Platoon survival and sustainability
  • Mobile unit climate controls and water production
  • Distributed additive and subtractive manufacturing
  • Lage format 3D printing
  • parts procurement and logistics
  • Metal and plastic 3D printing

Who We've Worked With

  • US Navy
  • US Department of Defense
  • General Dynamics
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Textron
  • Harris Corporation
  • Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support  Army Corp. of Engineers






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