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Established over 50 years ago, AEI Systems is a UK BSI quality approved Company supplying weapon systems and military aircraft spares to customers around the world.

Aircraft Weapons Systems

  Design Excellence

We specialise in the design, manufacture, test and support of a wide range of small to medium calibre military weapon systems for air, sea, land and dismounted soldier applications.


Renowned for our aircraft cannon knowledge and expertise, AEI Systems is the Design Authority and ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ to BAE for the ADEN 30mm Gun system as installed in the Hawk advanced trainer aircraft.

Weapon Mount Systems

Through Life Support

Obsolescence management and continual product improvement has given rise to a new ‘high rate of fire’ revolver cannon. The ASPEN 30, with blast suppression, improved recoil systems and gas regulation catapults this ADEN 30 variant into the 21st century.

Numerous other aircraft weapon types are supported; M39, M134, MO32 and DEFA to name just a few.

Cost Effective Solutions

AEI’s manually operated 20mm HS804 naval weapon systems offer cost effective gun solutions, while delivering an impressive punch.

In addition to the reliable AE20-NM naval weapon mount, we now produce belt-fed variants for prolonged target engagements. These mounts are in service around the world and are suitable for vessels of all size from RIB’s to Frigates.


For military vehicle applications; AEI has developed a lightweight all Aluminium cradle AE20-VM with spring assist yoke for the HS804 belt-feed weapon system. Mounting is adaptable to suit individual slewing ring or pedestal interfaces, with an in-house designed flexi-chute feed linked to the vehicle ammunition tank location.

New Markets
For the dismounted soldier; AEI is in the process of design and manufacture of a complete range of 7.62 millimetre bolt action and 12.7 millimetre semi-automatic tactical weapons. A 20 by 110 millimetre variant will be available within 12 months with a 30 x 113 millimetre variant will follow shortly after. These weapons bring new and innovative features to the market and are designed and built to military aircraft standards of quality and precision.

Barrel Production

Expand in Capabilities

AEI has expanded its manufacturing capability to include in-house barrel manufacture up to a maximum of 105mm, both constant and progressive pitch. This gives us the flexibility to rapidly develop weapon variants of our existing designs to fire the 20 by 102 and 25 by 137 millimetre rounds for naval and land vehicle applications in response to customer demands.

AEI Systems; Quality, Precision and Innovation


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