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C.E Niehoff & Co. was founded in 1923 and has become the world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of heavy duty brushless alternators. Our strength is understanding the customer requirements and tailoring the most appropriate electrical power solutions to meet them, whether it is by utilising existing in house technology or developing a bespoke solution.

Heavy Duty Brushless Alternators

Our Standard products range starts at 140A and goes up to 910A and can be supplied as either 14V, 28V or in dual voltage format. There is a wide variety of mounting methods and drive systems and this reflects the numerous military vehicles powered by our alternators.

CEN alternator design favours a stationary field coil which eliminates the need for brushes and slip rings that wear and need periodic replacement thus providing the highest reliability, serviceability and durability in heavy-duty arduous applications... Their elimination greatly reducing the amount of generated electromagnetic interference (EMI). 

Being air cooled also simplifies the installation, reduces cost and minimises the parts count.

C.E Niehoff’s high efficiency alternators reduce the power required from the engine to produce  electrical power, this saves fuel and makes more engine power available for other purposes. C E Niehoff alternators generate less waste heat, provide higher charging currents at low engine speeds and operate at 70% efficiency, compared to 50% or less for a typical claw pole alternator.

Dual-voltage operation, over voltage cut-out, load-dump protection, reverse polarity protection, EMI suppression and the ability to meet Military Standards makes CEN  the market leader. Many of the above features are available in our commercial alternators that operate in the equally arduous world of Emergency Service vehicles, Mining and Public Transportation. These high-tech capabilities have earned CEN a reputation as an engineering innovator; anticipating future requirements and designing for tomorrows demands.

Regulators/Electrical Power Supply

Every C E Niehoff Alternator is supplied with a regulator that can be set to match the battery charging characteristics or work several alternators together. The more advanced regulators can link main engine systems to APU’s via J1939 communications creating an integrated vehicle electrical system.

Power Management and Battery Monitoring Systems

CEN’s Electrical Power Manager (EPM) is a multi-function device that consists of high-current, bi-directional switches, with programmable electric power source to respond to vehicle operating conditions, electric load status and various fault conditions. Its features include:

• Solid-state automatic battery connect and disconnect
• Protected 28V and 14V auxiliary output power
• Automatic reverse-polarity protection for vehicle loads
• LED diagnostics
• Automatic battery-less operation when used with a compatible voltage regulator
• Battery information such as voltage and charge current
• Capable of communication with other vehicle digital systems via J1939 data bus

Systems using multiple alternators can be designed to operate with a single regulator providing over 2000A and communicate with the vehicle management system using the EPM.

Other systems include the Auxiliary Battery Controller (ABC), an intelligent, programmable battery isolator - isolates the main battery and auxiliary battery from the alternator and starter, making them independent power sources.

The Load Battery Control Device (LBCD) enables an energized operating alternator to generate power for vehicle electrical loads without requiring a battery in the circuit (battery-less operation). The device has the capability to recharge a designated number of batteries or energy storage capacitors at a different voltage to that of the vehicle electrical system voltage.

Service Repair

All our products are fully supported by our repair and rebuild facility which can provide routine maintenance, accident repairs or damage investigations. The team also provides a training facility for our Customers to ensure they maximize the reliability of their electrical power supply systems and minimise vehicle or system down time.

Auxiliary Power Units 

As well as alternators, we provide Auxiliary Power Units; through our sister company Goodman Ball Inc., GBI uses only proven components, which have an established track record, as well as having access to the entire inventory of alternator models from C.E. Niehoff & Co.

Together we can design generators of all shapes and sizes:

• 12-volt or 24-volt
• 100-volt to 230-volt
• 50Hz or 60Hz
• 1kW to 20kW
• Brushless Alternator or Permanent Magnet
• Open-Frame or Fully Enclosed
• Hand Carry or Trailer mounted

Every generator we build is rugged, durable and simple to operate and offers the same ability to be tailored to your specific needs.

Today GBI leads the field in the design and manufacture of generators and water purification units for humanitarian support.

Mil – STD Generators

C.E Niehoff & Co. products are tested in accordance with different Mil-STD, DEF-STD and International Standards. We have the experience and capability to meet your requirements.

Alternator Supplier

CEN is the principle supplier of heavy-duty military alternators and generators to the US and UK’s Defence Forces as well as most Defence Forces around the world. Our extensive experience in supplying military and other Special Forces customers is available to you as we provide support through design, development and service life stages of any product.

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