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Secure high-frequency (HF) and very high-frequency (VHF) tactical communication

Barrett Communications are designers and manufacturers of a comprehensive range of secure high-frequency (HF) and very high-frequency (VHF) tactical communication solutions. These systems are easily adaptable to different environments and are configurable from man-pack, to mobile, vehicle and base stations.


Barrett Communications supports customers around the world. A vast range of defence personnel, including border security, paramilitary police, coast guard and national defence forces rely on their specialised products and solutions.


Scalable and modular tactical networks


Being flexible and scalable, Barrett's tactical networks can include:-

  • Hand Portable VHF transceiver
  • Manpack, Mobile or Base packages in either HF or VHF configurations, by combining the core transceiver with modular accessories.

Accessories include:-

  • dipole antennas
  • whip antennas
  • loop antennas
  • rapidly deployable and air transportable masts
  • power supply

Email, data, fax, telephone network interconnects and vehicle tracking systems can be added in a modular fashion. For example, manpack tactical data options include internal and external modems and the ability to connect to a rugged Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC).


Interoperable communication systems


For interoperability with other communication systems, Barrett networks can easily be extended. Dismounted users can be connected with portable line-of-sight radios to HF users with the Cross Gate. Linking commercial and tactical radios to all types of telephony, email and data connectivity can be achieved by adding an automatic telephone interconnect and email gateway.


Tactical HF radio system for military forces


The PRC-2090 Tactical HF radio system is a multi-role HF communications system that can be deployed as a 30W manpack, a 125W vehicle-mounted system or a 125W base station.

The lightweight transceiver includes:-

  • integrated automatic antenna tuner
  • battery management system integrated into each Li-ion battery cartridge
  • automatic link establishment (ALE) to MIL-STD 188-141B 2G (JITC certified)
  • optional internal MIL waveform modem with 5066 stack

Enabling the user to deploy full communication capability in many different environments, the PRC-2090 HF Tactical manpack transceiver is designed with a demountable display that allows it to be attached to webbing for use on-the-move, or remotely from the transceiver.

PRC-2090 features include:

  • 1.6MHz to 30MHz continuous coverage
  • All modes J3E (USB, LSB), H3E (AM) J2A (CW) J2B (AFSK)
  • Fully immersible to 1m
  • Detachable display for remote extended control operation
  • Advanced tactical handset
  • Enhanced DSP noise reduction
  • Three year warranty

Options available include:

  • internal / external high-speed data modems
  • Digital voice and data encryption 56 bit DES and 256 bit AES (subject to export licence)
  • Rapid docking system (RDS) vehicle and base docking system


Very high-frequency tactical radio system


The PRC-2080+ low band VHF transceiver is designed for multi-role tactical military and security applications. It is an extremely compact and lightweight unit which is simple to operate in demanding mission critical conditions. The PRC-2080+ is part of the family of Barrett transceivers that are field proven in over 150 countries, on every continent and in all environments.

In stand-alone configuration, the PRC-2080+ is ideal for squad level communication requirements. Using either the supplied advanced handset or optional tactical headset, the PRC-2080+ transceiver can communicate reliably up to 8 km in open space (subject to terrain and topography), using the standard tape whip antenna.

The standard package comprises:-

  • PRC-2080+ VHF transceiver
  • Advanced tactical handset
  • Tape whip antenna with gooseneck
  • Rechargeable 6.5 Ah Li-Ion battery
  • AC battery charger
  • Optional multi battery charger available

When deployed in the docking station and combined with the 50W VHF amplifier the systems can be used for in-vehicle, re-broadcast and base station applications.

Configurations of the PRC-2080+ include:

  • PRC-2080+ 5W Tactical VHF hand portable
  • PRC-2081+ 25W Tactical VHF manpack
  • PRC-2082+ 50W Tactical VHF mobile
  • PRC-2083+ 50W Tactical VHF re-broadcast
  • PRC-2084+ 50W Tactical VHF base

Features include:

  • DSP voice and data signal processing
  • Backward compatible with PRC-77 and other 30MHz - 88MHz communications equipment


Rapid field deployment systems (RFDS)­


The Barrett RFDS (HF and VHF) is a turnkey communications system in a single case. It comprises of radios, various power options, cabling, lighting and external connections. It is designed for a simple set-up and can be operational in minutes.

The HF version is based on the PRC-2090 Tactical HF radio system, which provides a range of different transmission modes. It can be added with optional ALE, frequency hopping and encryption (subject to export licence) plus Barrett's 2023 internal HF modem, which in conjunction with the 2020 data system enables the transmission of email, fax and data over HF.

The VHF variant is based on the PRC-2080+ Tactical VHF radio system, which has more than 2,300 channels. It has 50W output power and a number of frequency hopping and encryption options (subject to export licence) are available.

Features of the HF or VHF RFDS include:

  • Field operational in minutes
  • AC Mains and/or DC power
  • On board 12 V 33 Ah battery
  • Battery charging onboard
  • HF – VHF/UHF interoperability
  • HF data transmission ready
  • Multiple voice and data security options
  • Stackable transportable base station and vehicle/field deployable
  • Remote control tactical RGB LED lighting for night/dark area operations
  • Amazon ruggedized Anti vibration 6U 19-inch rack complies with MIL-STD 810F and rated IP65
  • Front mounted antenna connectors for HF & VHF transceivers to aid in rapid deployment


Secure tactical networks


Security options for Barrett tactical HF and VHF transceivers can be specified with Frequency Hopping (FH), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Data Encryption Standard (DES) or Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) voice security. FH and AES encryption options are subject to receiving an Australian Government Export Licence.

Barrett’s HF and VHF Frequency Hopping options are unique and easy to use. They are available with variable hopping rates at 5 or 25 hops per seconds on HF and up to 125 hops per second on VHF. This provides excellent protection against electronic warfare (EW) attacks.  Voice and Data security is further assured through a variety of scrambling and digital encryption options. These include Secure Call, an innovative, narrow band voice scrambler providing secure point to point, or point to multipoint communications and DES 56 and AES 256 digital encryption systems.


Intuitive operation, tailored training


We believe that system planning and efficient operation of any radio communications system is the key to the user or organisation receiving full benefit from their investment and we reinforce this belief with a range of training packages designed to support our systems around the globe.

Barrett offers training courses in radio system operation, planning and maintenance. Customised and specific training can also be designed to accommodate the user’s needs and other HF related technologies.

Details of standard courses and sample syllabuses are available on request.

Courses are principally conducted in Barrett's custom designed training facility in Perth, Western Australia, and "field" courses can also be accommodated in a location convenient for your operation or mission.


Barrett Communications Overview


Barrett Communications was founded in 1976 to provide HF radio communications for remote communities in the Australian outback. They supported the Royal Flying Doctor Service and home schooling schemes before expanding into Australia’s mining industry. Seizing overseas opportunities, Barrett then supplied HF radio systems to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) delivering humanitarian aid. In 2000 Barrett Communications won a major contract supporting global humanitarian operations with base and mobile HF systems incorporating email, GPS vehicle tracking, telephone interconnect, logistics and training.

Barrett offers an extensive range of commercial and tactical HF and tactical VHF radio systems that can expand into complete, secure and independent communications networks that are intuitive to operate with minimal training. Barrett continues to grow organically and by acquisition, serving worldwide commercial, government, humanitarian and military customers and continues to experience strong demand for its products. Barrett’s customers are both numerous and global.


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