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Adventure Tactical Inc. is a premier manufacturer of extremely durable safety and signaling beacons for use where positive visual ID is vital. The company manufactures a wide assortment of visual and IR portable lights, remote controls, and interactive/programmable light products that are in use with the Canadian, US, and British military as well as many other countries' Ministry of Defense.

Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)
Visual and IR Beacons, Markers and Tags


Adventure Tactical offers many kinds of signal lights that feature a variety of functions and output colors – both overt and covert. They are all waterproof up to 100 meters (330 feet) and extremely resistant to impact. We were the first to design a one-hand operated, ergonomically considered multi-function LED light back in 1994. We built the VIP with a revolutionary body that melded the housing to the circuit board as one solid unit. This signature design is still unmatched for its durability and intrinsically safe properties, and we have since grown to hold an entire range of products meant to fit all needs. Many of our lights come with the option to record and playback a unique flashing signature. For more information on specific products, please refer to the “supplier documents” section.

Night Vision Compatible Vehicle Lighting


IR Vehicle Illuminators are plentiful, what isn’t so common are lights that can take the punishment the military vehicles can put out. We developed this series of illuminators to do their duty in the harshest environments while enhancing soldier safety. The light is now an installed factory kit on many new Humvees, and can be ordered for Humvees and many other convoy vehicles. This illuminator is popular where extreme use is commonplace.

Universal Digital Remote Control (U.D.R.C)

Airfield Landing Zones, Drop Zones, Helicopter Landing Zones and Beach Head Marking Systems


Our U.D.R.C systems function as a portable runway-in-briefcase for emergency landings of all sorts. They come ready to set-up with all necessary batteries and equipment in a watertight and waterproof protective NANUCK case. We have several systems designed to meet the needs of various types of airfields: landing zones, drop zones, helicopter landing zones and beach head marking systems


We also offer custom kits available for clients with more specific requirements.


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