Military Connectors

PEI-Genesis assembles a wide range of military connectors, all with our quick turnaround guarantees.

We carry MIL-spec products as well as EX classified connectors, for even the harshest environments. As a value-added supplier, we can help reduce your acquisition cost and lead times, simplify your assembly and improve the quality and reliability of your designs.

Amphenol SCE2 / Terrapin Series Military Connectors

Amphenol’s SCE2 Terrapin series of miniature push-pull connectors are environmentally-sealed for use in harsh environments. They offer silent mating with high mating cycles and a lockable coupling ring to prevent connector break-away. For more product details on our Amphenol SCE2 Terrapin series connectors, please see full specifications at

High Density 38999 Military Connectors (HD38999)

The HD38999 family of connectors was designed to work with existing milspecified 38999 shells. To the end users familiar with standard 38999 connectors, this family of high density connectors will look, feel, and perform just like the mil-qualified connectors. Utilizing an existing mil-qualified 39029 size 23 contact and mil-qualified shells, the new system is usually a drop-in connector. Even though the HD38999 has 30% more contacts, it still performs to minimum electrical requirements of standard 38999 connectors. For more information visit 

APP SPEC Pak® Sealed Connector Series for
Military Communication

Anderson Power Products SPEC Pak® is a highly configurable, rugged, environmentally sealed family of connectors. The IP68 shell conforms to industry standards for flammability and weather-ability. The core contact technology housed within the SPEC Pak® shell has been proven reliable for more than 50 years. These contacts accommodate wires from 24 – 3/0 awg (0.25 to 85.0 mm²) and are capable of handling from 15 to 310 amps per contact at 600 volts (UL). Combining the power, signal and ground contacts with the wide array of colored touch safe Powerpole® housings provide engineers thousands of design options for the most demanding applications. Visit for more information.

TE Connectivity DEUTSCH AFD Series
MIL-DTL-26482 Series II Connectors

TE Connectivity DEUTSCH AFD series MIL-DTL-26482 Series II connectors have a quick-mating, three-point bayonet coupling system. TE DEUTSCH AFD series connectors are designed for harsh environments and are excellent aerospace connectors. These TE DEUTSCH connectors are mil spec to MIL-26482 and have a high-quality contact retention system. The AFD series is mateable with Souriau connectors and all MIL-DTL-26482 series II connectors. For full product details on the TE DEUTSCH AFD Series MIL-DTL-26482 series II connectors visit:


Formerly Litton connectors (or Litton/Veam), the ITT VEAM CIR connectors have been the worldwide standard for rail and mass-transit applications for over 30 years. The connector uses a positive-lock/quick-disconnect bayonet coupling mechanism. High shock and vibration resistance is achieved without the need for lock wires, and the connectors are rated for a minimum of 2000 couplings. Hundreds of contact arrangements and back shell options. Solder, crimp, or printed circuit contacts. The entire CIR line is stocked and assembled by PEI-Genesis: 48-hour assembly, no minimums, competitive prices, and free technical support. Visit for more info.



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