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There’s good reason Peli BioThermal’s patented Golden Hour™ technology received the U.S. Army’s Greatest Invention Award in 2003. Prior to this, there was no effective container to safely transport critical blood to troops fighting in far forward combat areas away from fixed medical facilities. That fundamentally changed when we invented Golden Hour technology — aptly named because it provides troops access to the whole blood, platelets or plasma they need to save lives during the critical first hour after injury.

This innovative thermal transport container protects the products you need no matter the location or extreme conditions on the battlefield. For the last 17 years, military personnel have trusted our technology to securely, reliably and safely transport pharmaceuticals, tissues, biologics, diagnostics, vaccines, blood supplies and more from anywhere in the world — to where they need it most.

The award-winning Original Golden Hour™ technology was developed to protect troops’ lives on the base and on the front line in the harshest of environments and climates. Today, Peli BioThermal’s packaging solutions provide the most reliable, longest temperature control duration on the market — 96 hours of thermal protection. Life-saving materials are housed in smaller, lighter weight, rugged and durable temperature controlled Crēdo™ shipping containers without the need for dry ice or water / gel packs.

Peli BioThermal provides:

  • A full range of single use and reusable temperature-controlled packaging options that cover the full range of the military’s needs — chilled, frozen, controlled room temperature (CRT).
  • Optimised payload ratio that reduces distribution costs by minimising outer dimensions and maximising interior payload capacity with 100% available for product.
  • One hundred percent recyclable components that reduce your impact on the environment.
  • A web-based asset management software solution (Crēdo ProEnvision) to track individual shipments around the globe, set up automatic maintenance, next shipments alerts and produce customisable reports.

Our Products:-

Golden Hour™ Mobile

Also known as the Original Golden Hour™, this product is the foundation stone of our business and the Winner of the 2003 “US Army’s Greatest Invention Award”.

Why select Golden Hour™ Mobile?

• Ease of use – modular design for quick assembly and efficient inventory storage

• Nimble and tactical for delivery of whole blood to the point of injury within a crucial window of time

• Designed and tested to last in the harshest conditions.

• Quality, durable construction

Temperature ranges - +2C to +8C, +15C to +25C

Volume -2L

Duration – 48 to 72 hours

Golden Hour™ Medic

A recent addition to our range, the Golden Hour™ Medic is a nimble and tactical option for delivery of whole blood to the point of injury within a crucial window of time and can be easily transported to the front line. Golden Hour™ Medic replaces traditional cumbersome containers and can keep 2 units of blood cool for up to 24 hours in extreme conditions, 3 days in optimal conditions.

Credo™ Cube

Superior thermal protection in a convenient mid-size container. The Crēdo Cube™ is a passive and reusable shipper qualified to hold chilled medical materials at a safe temperature for up to five days. This system is ideal for reducing shipping costs or for circumstances in which unexpected delays may occur. Available for volumes from 2L to 96L, frozen, chilled and ambient temperature profiles. Also available with a hard, impact-resistant outer shell – Credo™ Duracube HD

Credo™ Duracube HD

The Crēdo Duracube™ product line offers a selection of superior thermal protection in a

comprehensive range of lightweight and heavy duty hard shell outer containers (between 2L and

96L) designed to strike an optimal balance between case weight, durability and duration of transit capabilities while providing a 10-15% increase in thermal performance over outer corrugated material. Available in frozen, chilled and ambient temperature profiles

Credo™ ProMed

Designed specifically for the dynamic needs of emergency first responders, the Crēdo ProMed™ product line currently consists of three different sized temperature-controlled portable medical transport bags that thermally protect the integrity of valuable pharmaceuticals and medical supply payloads for 72 - 96 hours. The outer bag is constructed of highly durable ballistic nylon fabric and the patented TICTM panels with phase change material and VIP components contained within, are qualified to consistently protect medical materials such as blood, platelets, bio-pharma product samples within two ranges, chilled and ambient

Credo™ Xtreme

This high performance, extremely durable and reusable passive temperature controlled pallet shipper is offered in two sizes (371L and 807L) and is ideal for consolidating large domestic and international cargo shipments. Peli BioThermal’s Crēdo™ patented technology provides a revolutionary cost effective temperature-controlled pallet shipper that ensures secure transport of bulk pharmaceutical products – qualified to maintain the required temperature range for 120 - 144 hours. Easy removal and installation of the TIC™ (PCM) system, greater volumetric payload size and a reduced risk of product compromise.

About Us:-

Pharmaceutical companies — and other organisations looking to make significant cost and quality improvements in their cold chains — are switching to Peli BioThermal for single-use and reusable temperature-controlled packaging. Our innovative, patented technologies and consultative services ensure product quality, mitigate excursion rates, reduce packaging costs and drive Total Cost of Ownership across your entire supply chain. Our global network of consultative cold chain experts provides our customers with consistent packaging and logistics experiences wherever they do business. Our temperature-controlled packaging solutions meet the complex needs of the world’s healthcare organisations and comply with the strictest GDP, quality assurance and health and safety standards.

Peli BioThermal is a division of Pelican Products, Inc., which is a portfolio company of

Behrman Capital, a private equity investment firm based in New York and San Francisco.



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