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Riflecraft Ltd are a ISO 9001:2008 accredited UK based SME specialising in precision rifles and training in support of these weapon systems to both civil and tactical customers. The company was formed in February 1998 by Andrew Evans-Hendrick after 20 years’ experience with the UK armed forces and has since expanded to occupy over 10,000 sq ft (930m2) in Norfolk.

The Company provides a design service with local manufacturing capability, a fully qualified armourer service including armourer training and a large civilian retail unit. All workshop staff and instructors are fully qualified and regular shooters. The Company and staff specialise in rifles and accessories and can therefore provide a truly dedicated service to civilian and tactical customers alike.

Military Contracts

Riflecraft have been successfully supplying UK MOD and UK Police for a number of years and have a dedicated Department catering to the needs of the tactical community, headed by a fully qualified Contracts Manager with over thirty years’ experience with the UK Ministry of Defence.

Members of the Tactical team have military and operational experience and therefore a real understanding of the needs of the End User.

To date nearly 100,000 handguards for SA80 co-designed by Riflecraft have been successfully delivered to British Armed Forces.

Military Supply Chains and Partnerships

Many prestigious US Companies have selected Riflecraft as their UK distributor and these relationships are based on a mutual respect and desire for the End User to carry the best quality products with the best possible support. Barrett Firearms, Remington Defense, LWRC International, Daniel Defense, Smith Enterprise Inc , Abrams/Milkor, Leupold & Stevens, Nightforce Optics, and McCann Industries are amongst the companies represented not only at the point of sale but for full support solutions for all of their products including user/maintainer training, full through life support packages (including spares & special to type tools)  repair, development and mid-life improvement programmes.
The combination of operational awareness, a design and engineering facility and access to some of the best names in the business, means that Riflecraft are not simply a supplier but a provider of solutions whether these are an off the shelf option from a partner or a concept that requires development from grass roots through design and proof of concept to the production of prototypes and trials.

The Modern Light-Weight Non-magnetic Bayonet

In response to the UK Government’s desire to reduce the burden on the Dismounted Soldier, Riflecraft developed a new, light-weight, non-magnetic bayonet. It does not interfere with the normal operation of the weapon when fitted over the flash eliminator, will penetrate a standard stab vest with a single thrust and the non-magnetic properties enable it to be used as an improvised mine prodder. The scabbard has been designed to fit to the soldiers MOLLE or belt and both this and the bayonet itself are made entirely in the UK.


New M2 Barrel Support

The Riflecraft M2 (HMG) Replacement Barrel Support was designed for this tried and trusted machine gun for both QCB and Older models to provide collimated mounting for all light / laser combinations. It is a CNC machined part rather than the traditional cast version and is indexed from the barrel threads at 12 and 6 o’clock making all dimensions relative to those threads and all mounting platforms parallel to the bore.  The multiple mounting of lights and lasers enables the shooter to retain zero whilst switching between the various technologies and only one Allen or Torx tool is required to change configuration.  An extension is also available for use through most armour.

Sound Moderators/Suppressors

Riflecraft have been promoting the use of sound moderators for some years and now have their own light weight range to fit the whole range of military and civilian weapons. The reduction in both visual and audible signature provides improved protection for the soldier and the reduction in weight and size reduces the impact on the weapon as was experienced with older heavier moderators.

The Future
The Business objectives of Riflecraft include the expansion of the business through sales at home and abroad. All products are fully supported “through-life” giving the customer a fully supported system for the life of the product. Full training packages are available and can be tailored to a train-the-trainer format if required by the customer.


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