The company’s range of service offerings include; Business Winning & Proposal Generation, Project Mobilisation, Control & Delivery, Systems & Software Engineering, Supportability Engineering, Support Solution Design Service, Safety Engineering & Assurance, Training Analysis, Design & Delivery, Human Factors, Operations Analysis & Modelling and Cyber Security.


Persides is an established and growing force in the defence, security and energy markets offering high calibre services for a diverse client base.


It is increasingly difficult for an organisation to predict exactly the skills and capacity it needs to deliver its dynamic and evolving objectives. Persides offers high quality management and engineering services to supplement client capability and enhance performance where required. Services offered include;

  • Business Winning & Proposal Generation
  • Project Mobilisation, Control & Delivery
  • Systems & Software Engineering
  • Supportability Engineering - Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), Reliability & Maintainability
  • Support Solution Design Service
  • Safety Engineering & Assurance
  • Training Analysis, Design & Delivery
  • Human Factors
  • Operations Analysis & Modelling, Whole-Life Cost (WLC), Life Cycle Cost (LCC)


Persides has built its reputation on the foundations of a core set of principles which align to an approach of delivering Value, Trust, Excellence in support of our Customers. Persides provides a multi-layered approach to the way it contracts its services. Understanding the constraints faced by our clients, whether they be finance or policy driven, Persides tailors its’ offering to counter these constraints and is always prepared to share risk and accountability.

Our Key Products and Services include:

Key Land Based Equipment Programmes


  • CBRN  - DE&S /Industry

Persides staff have directly developed various ILS deliverables including the ILS Strategy, ILSP, SOW, Use Study for Man-Portable Chemical Agent Detector (MCAD), Lightweight Chemical Agent Detector (LCAD), Collective Protection Chemical Agent Monitor (COLPRO CAM), Integrated Biological Detection System (IBDS), Maritime Biological Detection System (MBDS) and the Aircrew Protection Equipment and Detection (APED) programme.

  • WCSP – DE&S

Medium Armoured Tracks Team (MATT) Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP) – R&M Analysis: Persides conducted an independent review to re-evaluate and verify current MoD reliability figures from the WCSP System Requirements Document (SRD) and develop a generic WCSP reliability model to inform potential future requirements.


Personal Equipment and Common Operational Clothing (PECOC) for the UK MOD Defence Clothing Integrated Project Team (DC IPT) – Persides were responsible for the development of the ILS deliverables in particular in the ILSP, Use Study and the SOW. The aim of this Use Study was to provide an overview of the PECOC programme and the current logistic management and sustainment of the existing Combat Soldier (CS) 95 system.

  • FIST - Future Integrated Soldier Technology - Thales Land and Joint

Persides worked as a Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) tier one partner within the Thales Prime Contract Management Office (PCMO) during the Assessment and Delivery phases of the core programme and numerous Urgent operational Requirements (UORs).  Persides was responsible for the definition and delivery of the Support Solution with a particular focus on implementation of Operational Availability-based solutions.
Persides has conducted ILS programmes, developing and delivering support solutions for a number of FIST procured equipment’s. In addition to our work within the PCMO, we have provided support to suppliers of equipment into the FIST programme including Vectronix-Wilcox, Shield and Qioptiq.

Business Winning and Proposal Generation


Persides has a proven track record of winning and delivering defence and security programmes on behalf of a range of suppliers from small businesses to large multi-national prime contractors. Our expertise in business capture, bid management and programme delivery will ensure that you set out with a winning strategy that ensures a high probability of winning tenders and subsequently delivering profitable programmes to cost, time and performance.

Whatever the stage of the acquisition lifecycle, Persides has vast experience across all domains of programme delivery. We will assist you in making your bid strong in every area, and ensure that your buyer has high confidence in your ability to meet and even exceed their expectations.

Military Systems and Software Engineering


We have gained our wide engineering experience through participation in and management of multiple hardware, software and integration programmes where our staff have been fully committed to the delivery of innovative solutions in support of our customers. Our engineering capabilities include:

  • Requirements and System Architecture development
  • Software code development and verification
  • Systems Integration
  • Verification and Validation of both Hardware and Software programmes

Supportability Engineering


Persides has an extensive depth and breadth of capability and experience which enables the successful management and execution of Supportability Programmes. Our Supportability Engineering /ILS capability includes the following disciplines:

  • Contractor Logistic Support
  • Availability and capability contracting solutions
  • Support Solution performance based modelling and simulation
  • CONDO Management
  • Supportability trade-off analysis
  • Technical Documentation

 Support Solution Design Service


Persides has established a structured and proven approach to the design of support service solutions. The approach minimises likely exposure to potential risks and increases the likelihood of meeting contractual service and availability requirements. The approach combines service sector good practice techniques with Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). The activities within this approach are tailored to suit project specific needs and applied by Persides consultants working closely with client organisation personnel. Example activities include; Stakeholder Analysis & Management, Value Proposition, Requirements Analysis & Modelling, Behaviour & Functional Analysis, Qualitative and Quantitative modelling, Structured Solution Design and Solution Test & Acceptance.

Safety Engineering and Assurance


Persides recognises that robust safety management is a demanding responsibility and dependent upon the application of sound analytical, creative and engineering skills, based on extensive technical and domain knowledge. Understandably, there is not one safety management approach that fits all situations and customers have very specific requirements to consider. Our safety specialists are suitably qualified, experienced and dynamic engineers with an unwavering focus on attention to detail and customer needs.

Our core safety knowledge and capabilities include:

  • Def Stan 00-56 and 05-123, POSMS, JSP375, 418, 430, 454, 553, 602 and 815
  • Independent Safety Advice and Audit
  • Hazard identification, analysis and management using CassandraTM
  • Safety Case construction and Safety Case Reporting

Human Factors and Training Analysis, Design and Delivery


Our Human Factors (HF) experts specialise in the application of UK MoD and US DoD HF standards such as Def-Stan 00-250 and Mil-Std-1472G, as well as the wider HF applicable standards such as Def-Stan 23-09 for Generic Vehicle Architecture.

We have applied our Training experience to develop a range of innovative tools to enhance the analysis and design process including an analysis methodology which evaluates the fidelity requirements of task characteristics, rather than of the tasks themselves. This innovative approach supports accurate quantification of low and high fidelity training options, increasing the cost-effectiveness of the selected training solution.

We meet the challenges of Training in today’s environment by providing:

  • Expertise in Training Needs Analysis and Human Factors Integration
  • Highly experienced Training design specialists
  • Fully qualified and experienced Training instructors

Military Operations Analysis and Modelling

For any Defence or Commercial project, it is vital that a clear understanding is developed at an early stage of how costs will arise across the full system life-cycle, covering all Defence Lines of Development (DLoD). Persides has both the expertise and experience to quantify the variability and sensitivity associated with Whole-Life Cost (WLC) and Availability drivers, to determine potential risks of taking candidate solutions forward to maturity and in-service support, and delivering these key customer requirements. Exploitation of the Witness™ toolset enables dynamic process simulation providing a highly flexible and scalable capability for business process, cost and sensitivity analyses, including:

  • Service based modelling techniques
  • Operational Availability vs. cost
  • Training regime effectiveness and cost vs. fielding and operational sustainment requirements
  • Cost of production vs. capability fielding profiles
  • Optimisation of support infrastructure solutions against affordability targets


Persides provides services to customer and industry organisations in the defence, security and energy markets. Example customers include; UK MoD, DE&S, Dstl, BAE Systems, Boeing, Thales, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Kelvin Hughes, General Dynamics, Vectronix Inc, Force Protection Europe, Jankel  Armouring and Selex ELSAG.


Persides capabilities are delivered by a complementary blend of high calibre ex-Military, academic, professionally qualified and experienced personnel who are equipped with leading edge tools and processes. Persides employees are selected and tailored for specific roles based on their technical expertise, experience and personal skills. If you are interested in a career with Persides visit our careers pages


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