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Cubic provide a complete range of marksmanship and judgemental simulator training systems. The PRISim Suite™ platform uses high-definition video and computer-generated images to create realistic training theatres for all aspects of firearms handling. Our complete range of simulators allows training to be conducted at fixed facilities, or at any off-site location using one of the portable systems. PRISim® simulators can be used with either live or laser fire using converted or facsimile weapons.

PRISim Suite™ produces fully interactive 3D environments by combining advanced graphics from its rendering engine with the accurate simulation of projectile ballistics. PRISim Suite™ adds virtual moving human figures and high-definition (HD) judgemental video scenarios to create more realism in the training theatre. PRISim® supports the use of less lethal weapons such as, Taser®, chemical sprays and flashlights.

Multilingual Software

Full authoring of the software content can be carried out by the end user to tailor training programmes to their individual needs. CUBIC offer both off-the-shelf and bespoke services for the conversion of small arms weapons to support our simulators.

PRISim Suite™ simulation systems can develop and enhance the following training capabilities:

  • Threat awareness and prevention of tunnel vision training
  • Training of observation skills
  • Response of indecision, sudden fear, partial understanding, blind side surprise, and eye-blink response
  • Room Clearing Exercises, Hostage Rescue/VIP/Close Protection training
  • Quick response and target engagement training, fire discipline and movement exercises
  • Conflict Management Training
  • Small Arms training for Law Enforcement and Military Forces, weapon handling from Basic to Advanced, Trace of aim and MPI
  • Marksmanship – static and moving targets, Target recognition – ‘friend or foe’
  • Marksmanship skills under difficult conditions – temperature, humidity, windage
  • Judgmental calls (shoot/no-shoot decision making)
  • Judgmental use of force training
  • Live, laser with weapon recoil or laser dry fire
  • Production of own scenarios and targets

A Multilingual version of PRISim Suite™ software is available which can support many European, Slavic, Arabic and Asian languages. Scenarios can also be filmed/dubbed in local language and environment to enhance training value.

Judgemental Simulator

The PRISim® range of simulation products has been specifically designed for law enforcement, military, Aviation Security and Special Forces. Realistic and adaptable high definition video scenarios are used to develop judgemental and practical skills in a wide range of life threatening situations.

The flexible user-friendly training systems are equally applicable for basic instruction through advanced tactical shooting. Less lethal weapons such as Taser™ are available as well as the CUBIC ShootBack™ system that allows the scenario to fire back at the trainee!

Marksman Simulator

The Marksman module is aimed specifically at trainees with a skill rating from beginner to intermediate level. The Marksman software uses computer-generated bitmap images to project static, reactive and moving targets on to a digital background image.

End Users can also create their own target shapes/sizes and backgrounds to suit their operational requirements. The simulator provides a visual feel to what would be expected in either an indoor or outdoor shooting range. Using a vast library of targets and scoring images Marksman has the capability of allowing an Instructor to project those targets so that they appear at any distance up to 300m. Each target can be programmed to pop-up or turn to face the trainee, just like a conventional target mechanism.

The system comes pre-programmed with various ballistic tables and algorithms that the system utilises in order to mimic the true trajectory of a projectile over various distances. The instructor also has the option of altering parameters such as stop on shot, show hits and misses. Instructor can also alter altitude, humidity level, temperature, wind speed and wind direction.

Trainee Result Feedback

Shot information for each trainee can be examined in a detailed printout of the scorecard. Each scorecard displays in detail the MPI, grouping and the trajectories of the missed shots. This can be used for correction of shooting skills.


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